{ thrifting } destined for the shop

I still have an etsy shop.  I really do.  Still thrift a few times every week.  And I am still amassing a pile of goodies to share. 

part of saturday's thrift haul

This weekend I hit a jackpot of vintage handbags.  And there is no way I can use them all.  I already have a fairly impressive collection of vintage going-out clutches.

  part of saturday's thrift haul

These beauties are just waiting for another night out.

Soon, dearies.  I will list you in my little shop as soon as I can so you can once again be out on the town!  (Apparently I have to squeeze a rather lengthy photo shoot into this week.  I'd hate to disappoint them.)

part of saturday's thrift haul

Sometimes I can't believe my luck.  When I saw this little stack of sparkly coasters sitting, untouched, on the shelf, I couldn't believe my eyes.  They must have just been put out. Tiny jewel-like coasters.  I'm going to have a hard time parting with these.  


That's about all I have today.  My mind is mush as Wonderbaby lost her pacifier in the crib around four this morning and spent so much time looking for it that she decided she might as well just get up.  This didn't bode well for mama, who stayed up late toiling in her studio, gambling on a 7am wake up call.  Oy. 

How about you?  Any fancy luck at the Thrift lately?

Happy Monday!  xoxo
~miss chris

{ trending in my head } knee socks

Now that school is around the corner, I have become obsessed with knee high socks.

As seen

I come by it honest.  With double t-straps, even!  Here I am at 5 yrs, in a dress that my mom had made me (ric-rac!), toe-head white hair, and knee socks. 

By the way, that table-lamp combo piece resides in *my* living room now.


This was right before we moved to Louisiana.  I know this because my mother had just cut off my hair, insisting that it would be too hot and all the Little Girls Of the South would have short hair. 

Our new neighbors mistook me for a boy.

Clearly, she had no idea how popular long luscious girly locks were in the Bayou.

I wouldn't cut my hair again for 5 years.

It was growing out here:


(Age 6 or 7)

Can I ask, what more does a 6 year old girl want than a stage in her living room?  My father decided to build a fireplace in our Baton Rouge home back in 1978, and it started with a solid wood hearth foundation that extended the length of the room for months.  I was sad to see that fireplace actually installed.  If we had one of those in our house now we would totally use it when we played Rock Band.

And let's talk about the paneling.  Or the TV.  Or the awesome chunky table that TV with rabbit ears was sitting upon.  Or the fabulous painting.  Or not.  We can simply adore this snapshot of the late seventies for being just that.  Wow.

Anyway, this is about the socks.  (And that dress.  It was a fave.) And the socks and strappy shoes combo.

I am smitten.

Is it okay for a grown woman to wear them?  Is it possible to wear them and not look too coquettish or like you are trying to look 20 years younger?   Because I really, really love this.

And I know Fidget can and will get away with this look.

Oh, she will.

Do they make knee socks for toddlers, too?  Because Wonderbaby might need a pair.

We can be one giant knee sock loving family.


(PS: You might want to ignore this entire post.  I am pretty heavily medicated as a result of a nasty sinus infection. I'm not making good choices.  Seriously.  I spooned out a quarter cup of mayo thinking it was yogurt.  Ew.)

{ sewing } another pillowcase nightgown

It cracks me up every time I arrive at a shop counter with an armful of linens.  Most of the thrift shop keepers where I find my best stuff are quite familiar with me, my gaggle of girls, and the stacks of florals and embroidered pretties I bring to the checkout counter. More than once I have been asked, "Do you actually use all of these?"

Well, yes.  Of course I do!  Just not always on my bed.

it is as soft as it is pretty.

Vintage sheets and pillowcases can be so very soft if they are of good quality and condition.  Hundreds of washings add another dimension of softness that just can't duplicated with new fabric.  

And then there is the nostalgia factor.

There was nothing like the feel of my grandmother's sheets in the upstairs bedroom that my mom and her sister had shared as children.  My sister and I would share that same room with the windows open, the sheers catching the night breeze. The twin beds just fit under the slanted roof and the walls were a pale aqua that is so popular these days.  After rubbing our fingers over the nubbiness of the the Martha Washington bedspreads, we would pull them back all the way.  The windows might be open, but it was still hot.  And then we would lie there, under the cool softness of the cotton sheets, whispering to each other until one of us fell asleep. 

Do you have memories like that? 

ruffle trim is way high up on that sweetness list. pretty 

Bedrooms were so different 'back then' before the invasion of licensed character bedding!  Who started that?  Was it Star Wars?  Hollie Hobbie?  Raggedy Ann? 

Anyway... at the risk of sounding like a broken record, (or a scratched CD, or an infected MP3, or what even works for that anymore?) this particular thrifted king size pillowcase was begging to be 'nightgowned.'    

nightgown - bias tape + trim

I cut a yoke out of white sheeting and edged with bias tape made from the pillowcase.  There is a keyhole in the back and it attaches with a simple button and loop.  You could double the yoke and self-line it, but I didn't want that much weight or stiffness on the top of the nightgown.  It's so hot, why add extra bulk?

Pre-made eyelet ruffle is my new favorite thing.

vintage pillowcase nightgown

And now Fidget has a new favorite nightgown.  I hope she and Wonderbaby will have sweet summer bedtime memories of their own someday.  Fidge already has plans for bunkbeds. 

fidge liked it.

I have a few more ideas, so prepare yourself for a few versions over the next few weeks.  If I'm not careful, I am going to become known as the crazy pillowcase lady. 

On the other hand, maybe I already am!  Oh well.  I'm okay with that.

miss chris

{ vintage } meet Kennie.

Don't mind me.

I've been geeking out about my newest toy.

the new baby: Kenmore 158-10400

A vintage Kenmore 158-10400.(Circa 1950s-1960s, from what I can tell). Complete with some original tools and bobbins and attachments I haven't even seen before.  Do you recognize that needle shank attachment on the left in the photo below?  Is that even the right name for that little gadget?

original goodies, too.

I started looking for a portable machine a month ago when I was trying to consider the logistics on my September trip to Seattle for the Dottie Angel Workshop.  (Our supply list includes, among other things, a sewing machine, a stool, full-length slips and crocheted doilies.  I simply cannot wait for my date with TSA security.) 

My current machine is fairly large and heavy and I was trying to figure out how to take her.  Use a super big suitcase and cushion her with my fabric supplies? Do I trust those baggage handlers to not toss her or squish her under everyone else's luggage?  Do I try to carry-on in a new case? Will it fit above or below??  No and no, most likely. I was stressing out just a little.

I had been researching a portable vintage Singer Featherweight, everyone's go-to portable workhorse.  However,I wasn't ready to fork over the $250 it looked like I would have to part with.   I did find one on Craigslist for $125 and then waited too long to call.  Bummer.

Fortunately, I came across this Kenmore at a local Thrift in the nick of time. 

After a bit of online research, I found a yahoo group dedicated to vintage Kenmores, and now I've got a super resource for information as well. One of the members was even kind enough to send me a PDF manual, which has been immensely helpful!  I should have enough weeks to get her cleaned up (although she looks recently serviced) and ready to roll. 

It's exciting and scares me a little.


Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to cozy up with some light technical reading.  :)

I told you I was geeking out.



{ vintage } suitcases

I am up to my eyeballs in a teen bedroom makeover...what a before and after should I have to share!

i have a weakness

But before that...  I did manage to pop in to a local thrift store this morning and score some fun fun fun luggage.  The three red ones were nested together with one price tag -- a ridiculous bargain at $3.  The blue one has the most gorgeous pale aqua lining.

today's haul.

The teen has her eye on these babies for her upcoming trip to Florida.  I love that she can appreciate how fun these are as well and isn't rolling her eyes at my haul.

Houston, we have a problem.

She IS rolling her eyes at me for locking the blue one by mistake. 

We are at 500. 

Anyone have a tip for figuring out the combo faster than trying each number 0-999??  We are all ears.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to get back to this:




miss chris

{ excited } one more thing...

I wasn't going to blog about it.  Not yet, anyway.  I am really very excited but I keep thinking some sort of last minute hiccup or wrench or other malarkey will get in the way of it happening. 

But what the heck. I was never any good at surprises.


You see, in September, I am going to meet up with my dear friend, Jade, in Seattle and spend four days with eight other crafters at a Dottie Angel workshop hosted by Tif Fussell herself.  In a historic mansion.  Sewing.  And visiting.  Ohhing and Aahing over each other's vintage goodies.  Staying up late and making big, big plans.  And crocheting (although we'll see how THAT goes.  I do have a history there.). 

We're packing up our sewing machines, some doilies, ric-rac, scissors and a variety of vintage fabrics and notions, a slip and a stool (the supply list said so), and we are going to schlep all of this stuff through airports and taxis like gypsies until we arrive at the Shuey House and collapse in a heap of eclectic craft supplies.

And I cannot wait.

Doesn't it sound fantastic?  Doesn't it?  Lucky for you, there are still two spots left...

[ Organized by Angela Ritchie's ACE Camps.  Photos from the registration web page.]


UPDATE!  My dear friend, Beki, has taken one of those last spots!  Yipppeeee!

{ sewing } the pillowcase dresses

It's great to have friends that understand your love of used linens.  Last summer, a friend of mine picked up two matching vintage pillowcases at an estate sale, knowing I could do something with them. 

pillowcase dress girls

I was easily nine months along at the time, and the pretties were washed and folded and put away for future creativity. And time. Neither of which were flowing at that moment.

pillowcase dress girls

Fast forward 11 months, when Fidget and one of her best friends are playing and I think...Now. Matching pillowcase dresses. For the girliest of girls.

pillowcase dress girls

I really wanted to transform these pillowcases. Typically, you use the open end of a pillowcase as the "hemmed bottom" of this very basic sack dress.  (tutorials here and  here and here)

But the beautiful embroidery was begging for some extra consideration.  I wanted the pretty roses at the top.

pillowcase dress

That decided, I chopped off the sewn end of the case, sliced it up into strips to use for binding and ties and added store-bought eyelet ruffle to the new 'bottom."

pillowcase dress girls

I cut and sewed into the dress 'sides' in an a-line, reducing some of the bulk in the bodice area.  This also meant cutting armholes farther into the sides. I didn't want the embroidery to get lost in a front that was too ruffled, so I added gathers under the arms to further reduce the bulk in the front and back.  

pillowcase dress - elastic

This was a bit of quick-and-dirty stitchery with the elastic, but it worked.

pillowcase dress girls

It didn't seem to matter to the girls anyway.

Happy weekending!  xo 

{ shop } there's new stuff over there

Tonight I am taking a break from sewing and cleanup up plastic eggs and shredded paper grass to update my etsy shop.  The thing is, all this wonderful stuff is taking over my studio. 


I have the best luck with linens, I tell you.  Wish I could keep them all.  Don't you think those two towels would make the perfect gift for a bride-to-be?

There is also possibly the most disorganized and random assembly-line project of mass pj bottom making in the studio.  I have these crazy plans to have a few ready for mother's day.  I know.  Crazy, right?

Good night!

{ etsy love } Beki's bags...


Baby Audrey is continuing to improve... isn't that wonderful news???  It is hard not believe in the power of prayer and the possibilities of miracles when you read her story.  Thank you for letting me share.  xoxo


On to crafty things...

Have you got your Dottie Vintage bag yet?

my beki clutch

My dear friend, Beki, of Artsy Crafty Babe fame, has a few of these in her shop. They are all made with vintage linens and scream Spring. My word, this girl's workmanship is flawless. A little intimidating, really, Beks.

my beki clutch

Anyway, as soon as I knew she was making these available, I snatched one up. And I'm so glad I did. I have so many large gigantor purses that double as diaper bags, this one is a nice change of pace.  

I am still coveting the totes, though. 

Next up... the cutest little baby book you have ever seen. 

I promise, it is.

Now I just have to fill it. 


{ home } eventually, I'll do a nursery post

Like, before she's one?  We'll see.  Problem is, my free time tends to happen when little missy is asleep in there.  Anyway, here's another peek at that sweet little green dress her mama made her wear the other day.  Poor thing.

It looks much more Swiss Miss than Irish to me, but I still love it.

nursery + green dress

Those little red shoes were a baby gift from my dear friend Jen. (ages ago.) 

The print is a signed Elsie original from the bricks and mortar shop of Red Velvet Art.  I love this shop for so many reasons.  The stuff is cute cute cute.  They are living the dream of owning a little shop in a cool old building in a refurbished old part of town by the railroad tracks.  In the town I went to high school.  (The same high school, I have to mention because it is almost a rule, that Brad Pitt and Lucas Grabeel went to.)  I know, big times. Anyway, Elsie and the girls are just adorable.  Just go check them out if you haven't already...

Of course, they are going to make the rest of my post seem boring and predictable.

The dress?  It had little red vintage buttons you couldn't see in the photo on Wednesday.  I am almost 100% sure these were from my mom's stash I inherited when they moved last year.

vintage buttons too

This was the perfect little project for the thrifted eyelet trim (a yard or less) that I've had forever.  I had forgotten about it.  Now I want to add it to everything.

+ trim

Not pictured in the top photo is this pretty mobile I bought - new, even!  GASP - from an art shop in Columbia, MO, called Bluestem Missouri Crafts.  It is a wonderful store.  And it's local, which always makes me happy. 

Love mobile in the nursery

I love love love it.


Happy weekending.  I am working on some shop stuff and need to get my head around some new ideas.  I'm so inspired these days and I need to prioritize my plans.  Right now I'm a crazy woman.  A fun, happy crazy woman.  But crazy, nonetheless.  (you'll love me anyway, right?)