the kitchen

{ dreaming } of a new kitchen

Ever since we moved into this place almost 6 years ago, I have had my eye on our kitchen for a face lift. For one thing, the existing cabinets are very short.  Too short for our 10 foot ceilings.  We have almost  2' of clearance above them.

Also, the finish is All. Wrong.  They are run-of-the-mill oak something or other and were stained a dark cherry.  And then given a super high gloss -- which is reflective and silly.  And, just in case they weren't already shiny enough, they added chrome bathroom handle pulls.

I know they are bathroom handle pulls because we also have them in our bathrooms.  Sweet.

These were previous owner choices.  Obviously.

However,I don't have the budget to go ripping them all out.  And, really?  They are good cabinets.  What they need is a little updating.

So this is what we currently have going on over the stove (minus the shine -- believe me, I'm doing your eyes a favor):

existing cabinets over stove

I like the trend of uneven uppers that I have seen in home tours and in magazines.  We certainly have the room to do it.  I also wanted to add a bit more storage -- who doesn't?  So I am proposing some 12 inch upper cabinets with glass door fronts and a vertical faux chimney with 'mantle' to replace the range hood (which is now a delightful white aluminum.)

proposed changes

Then paint the whole thing and glaze it.  (not me. I'm researching this bit right now.)

In my mind, it looks like this:

what it might look like in my head with very few structural changes.

But I am probably terribly off course.   There are other small changes around the kitchen I'd like to make before we have it painted, too...

I know it's not for everyone, and I certainly appreciate more modern choices, but they just won't work here.  I have to be realistic and work with what we've got.  It's a traditional home and we won't be here forever.  But if we ever want to sell, she'll need an update.  Why not now? 

Thoughts?  Any of you done this before?  I'm terrified and thrilled at the same time.  


ps: In case you haven't already heard, Joanne, from The Simple Wife, suffered a stroke yesterday morning and is fighting for her life.  If you know her, you might want to send up some light and love and prayers.  I know her husband and two daughters would appreciate it.  You can also follow her status on Twitter, thanks to her husband: @tobenheim  xo