six one way

Happy Valentine's Day =)

XOXOXO  My Grammy always signed everything with X's and O's.  Every time I do, it reminds me of her.  Funny lady, that one.  Someday I'll tell you about her.

Anyway, short post today.  Here's my six one way collection for the week of Feb 11:

happy girls
1. Super Citizen Award - she's so proud, 2. Sunshine Fidget, 3. Color in my kitchen

And Fidget's festive feet this morning before preschool. (Just when I realized I need to get the iron.)


This will probably be it for a couple days.  I'm going to take a break to play with the ones I love...

(Although I do have some goods for thrifting-Thurday, that I picked up yesterday... I might sneak those in a bit.)


PS- I am loving this candy message box from Blueprint online.  I so wish they had published this last week.  (Also am relieved that they are going to send me something in the mail to replace the issues I will sadly no longer be receiving since they decided to stop publication.  I'll be getting another Martha pub for the duration of my BL subscription.  Which is nice.  Did that happen to you?)