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{ hmmm, I can do that } Mini Boden

The mini Boden catalog arrived a few weeks ago.


I love her hair.  And that gappy smile.  She is adorable.

I also love, love, love their clothes. I keep coming back to the Funky Duffle Coat, in particular.


Geez-o-pete. $88 for a jacket for a jacket that will only fit for 6 months?  It's not even a super dressy coat. Or down filled. However, those Boden people know how to make things irresistible and I do love the juicy color combos.

And I keep thinking I can make one. Or two. Like with the School Days Coat by Oliver + S. 

Am I crazy?  I certainly do not have so much time on my hands that this seems necessary, but my mind is spinning with the idea of coordinating little girl jackets for the girls.  Obsessing about it may be as far as I get.  Maybe. I love the finishing details of an Oliver + S pattern.  It's tempting.  I already have some gorgeous heather grey wool that I got thrifting this summer for $1.50  I know, crazy, right? 


What about these little dresses?  Is it just me or could this Simplicity pattern 2484 result in a similar pinafore w/edgy zipper combo?  I certainly think so.


Let's also talk about this fine whale corduroy dress: 


Does it not look eerily similar my favorite Butterick 5119?? It might be first on my list for Wonderbaby.  Yes, I'm pretty sure it is.

Moving on.


These apple applique skirts are just plain cute.  And easy.  Why not buy a $10 skirt at the store ( cheaper if you can find one at the Thrift), remove the pockets and add some smashing appliques to the backside?  Why. Not?? 


I love this one as well, and I think it is because of the similarity to the B5119 pattern.  It is simple and versatile and I'm pretty sure you could make it for less than $48.


The dress here -- view A -- in this Simplicity 2321 pattern would make a cute dress.  I'd probably mess with the sleeves a bit, but it looks pretty straightforward as well.  Add leggings and some boots and I think we have a winner.

Any patterns you all are looking at for the fall?  Please share!!

Sew inspired these days...

Work is very busy this week... something not completely unexpected after the impromptu break we took last week...


But I'm so ready to CREATE!  DO!  MAKE!  I'll have to placate myself with the pretty stuff on flickr and around blogland, I suppose.  So... in no particular order,

Can you tell where my mind is wandering these days?  :)

Oh, and lest I forget.  No, I did not make the sweet little granny square blanket pictured in the doll cradle above.  Ha ha ha!  Remember how my last crochet project turned out??  No, this isn't my handiwork, dear friends.    It was a lucky thrift find a few weeks ago.  I love the daring use of color!


Pieboxes_lHosting parties this holiday season like I am?  Don't want to get left with tons pies and stuff stacked haphazardly on top of your butter dish and salsa jars in the fridge?  I saw this cool make-your-own to-go box at Martha last week and I'm going to keep it in mind for other sweet leftovers as well this December...

(I wasn't quite on the ball with Thanksgiving, so I still have two cheesecakes, a pumpkin pecan pie, gravy and some cornbread dressing in my fridge.  But I'm going to cut myself some slack considering the coughing-pneumonia-asthma-baby-er-trip and everything...)

Of course, being Martha, there are templates and instructions over there.  But I'm thinking you could also make some cute square ones for cookies or fudge and you don' t have to mess with cellobags or tins or whatever.   You could even get fancy and decorate the sides with holiday messages or original art by the little ones....

I'm going to put it on my gosh-I-really-wish-I-had-time-to-do-list and see what happens. 

CookiesThis weekend might kick off my holiday cookie bonanza.  We like to make sugar cookies every year and this might  be a good weekend for that.  (This picture is from a couple years ago...) Could be a good thing to do while watching the game. 

I might also tackle some vintage-sheet pajama bottoms.  I have several sheets that would work, and since I missed out on Joann's big 99cent/yard flannel sale last weekend, I figure 'free-because-it's-in-my-cupboard' is an even better deal.  Added bonus: this could be a perfect opportunity to use some more of that velvet ribbon trim I bought on a whim a few weeks ago... 

Inspiration Thursday

And how is THIS for inspiration from Gorgeous!  I have a preggo friend who is having a shower in August, and we had already planned on these colors, but WOW!  Now I know exactly what direction we're gonna go!

photo by Jennifer Skog Photography

Be inspired!

getting around to it

Well HELLO!  I'm so glad you stopped by to ask what I've been up to.  Because, see, I haven't been able to post on my own without a little nudging...

So first off, here is a wonderfully practical yet totally impractical door stop.  Doing what perfectly fine bricks and door wedges have done for years with ease, I present:


7.5 lbs of pinto beans in a bird sack.  Thank the Lotta book for this one.  I couldn't help it.  And to be honest, my pre-teen daughter's door does slam a bit when the windows are open.  (It is just the wind, isn't it honey?) 

Also, the littlest daughter was the lucky recipient of my first-ever 'oatmeal can/box stool'.  7 Oatmeal cans, some felt and rick rack, and voila!

I have to admit, I really like that one.  She can sit on it, because it's only like 10 inches high... and she's not much taller than that at 15 mos....

Lastly, my cheap-o antique store table and chairs graduated from the workshop (ie my garage) to the inside of the house by way of new paint and a lovely antique faux finish.


These will look great in my soon-to-be sewing and piano room when the basement is FINALLY done and I can move all my not-as-pretty-but-pretty-necessary work stuff into my new space downstairs.  And a big HA to the guy at Lowe's who laughed at my need for a 'smoky blue paint' for my chairs.  I think they look so sweet with the satin curtains.  They are showing up a bit baby boy blue here, but I assure you they are not!  :)