By now, surely everyone has seen the gorgeous ideas Martha has for Halloween this year.  The Hostess with the Mostess blog post pretty much sums it up the best.  Goodness, Martha makes it all pretty. 

However, Better Homes & Gardens has some pretty cute ideas, too:


(images from the bhg website)
There were several cute ideas in the magazine as well.  There was one designer who goes all out for halloween, but trades orange/black for white/black and makes it all look sophisticated instead of cutesy.  Very cool stuff.

I keep thinking someday I will get more 'into' decorating for this holiday.  Maybe.  With ideas like these floating around, it's entirely possible.



Despite the rain that won't quit and water that seems to seep into my house everywhere I look and the dog that is stinking everything up because she cannot do her business outside when there is a threat of any 'weather', I'm in a pretty good mood today.

Yesterday, while the rain stopped for a few minutes, I ran out to the mailbox and had a couple wonderful surprises.  (Hmmm, do they count as surprises if I ordered them?)  A stack of delicious fabrics from Z&S:


a HUGE Real Simple pre-holiday issue, and the new Anthropologie STITCH catalog...  I tell you what, my frown turned upside-down right then.

I sorted through all my new lovely fabrics and immediately chose the next one I would use.  Whee!  I love the Chocolate Lollipop line from FreshCut... it's so feminine and modern at the same time.  And the colors are so perfect for fall gifting.


And then I flipped through the STITCH catalog and, whoa!  I was taken back by this gorgeous blanket on page 23, the Weston Park throw:


"Swatches of creamy sweaterknit are patched together and detailed with plump roses, while printed velvet laps around the expanse. "  (copy and image shamelessly borrowed from the anthro website)

So I don't really need another project idea right now, because my list is growing way faster than I can handle, but -- goodness gracious -- isn't this yummy?  I have been wanting to bind a quilt with velvet for a while now, but I love the ruffle so much.

Now, if a rainy day meant cozying up with a blanket like that, bring it on...   

Things to do

Seems lately crafting is taking a backseat to all things basement, back-to-school, illness, and Hawaii trip related!  Not necessarily in that oder ORDER (goodness, you'd think I'd learn to spellcheck), but close!  LOL

However, when I DO get around to things, this is what I want to do:

playroom stuff

Seems like since the Older One got home from CA (And WOW did she have a GREAT time at the HSM2 premiere!) it has been everything non-stop. 

The basement is now finished (5 months later) and we have begun the fun fun task of moving everything that was stored in the garage and rest of the house down there and putting it away.  My office has also oved downstairs.  (With little interuption, which is nice!)  The main floor of my house is starting to peek out from under all the toys and office stuff that has been stuck up there for the last year.... And the toys are beginning to migrate down to the playroom.  Woohoo!

On that note.

Now we have a playroom.  It needs furniture.  Right now we have a wimpy little white bookcase.  There is a little white round play table in the garage I want to paint red.  (We have an armoire that I am considering also painting red.  But Mr Pink says it's not good shape and he's not sure about it.) I look in this cute little room and it looks bare, despite all the toys strewn about.


So I was looking for storage solutions online the other day and saw these:


From .  You can design your own configuration.  They even send you a little catalog with punch outs and color cards for people like Mr Pink who have trouble imagining what things will look like. It seems a little pricey though, for a playroom in the basement.  Perhaps we will use them for inspiration and do something similar.  I had thought about putting two bookshelves and a bench in the middle on the back wall.  And then putting a mirror over that bench and making it like a window seat.  Is that corny???

Of course, I will probably borrow Jennifer's sweet idea for the clothespin gallery display, too!

art gallery_1 ... Originally uploaded by purpledaisykids

I could seriously get into designing this room.  Alas, there are several grown-up rooms that need my attention right now (the now half-furnished living room, the new guest room in the basement, the new office space, the old-upstairs-office-that-is-now-a-sitting-room-but-not-until-the-big-ol-desk-is-moved, etc.)  They are just not as fun.  :)


Good grief.  Our basement project is STILL dragging on.  Granted, it takes a while to finish 14oo sq ft, but holy cow.  Anyway, we are THHHIIIISSSS close to being done.  And once we are done, we will have (in addition to an awesome man space, replete with paneled bar, pool table and fireplace) a playroom for Fidget!!!  Yay!  Oh, my office is also going down there... so I guess I'll have to keep working for the time being, too.

I'm thinking along these lines ... or maybe even Fidget's room once she graduates from her crib...


image from of course...

tiered skirt love

Fidget got a darling little dress from one of her grandparents recently.  I was a bad daughter-in-law because I didn't put it on her before yesterday... I was saving it for the holiday.  But what a mistake!  In a hurry yesterday I pulled this over her head to replace the blueberry-stained ensemble I had just removed...


Those are all separate circle-skirt layers!  How cute is that?  This is going in the idea pile, for sure.


Inspiration Thursday

And how is THIS for inspiration from Gorgeous!  I have a preggo friend who is having a shower in August, and we had already planned on these colors, but WOW!  Now I know exactly what direction we're gonna go!

photo by Jennifer Skog Photography

Be inspired!