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{ review } Stitch Fix:1

Have you heard about it yet?  Stitch Fix

Fix1 029

It's the online service I've been waiting for all my life because, well, I hate shopping. I don't have time. And I don't like the mall. Or the lighting in dressing rooms. Or masses of people. Or ALL of the choices. I often get overwhelmed and just don't buy a thing.  Or buy something and then never wear it because it matched nothing in my closet. 

And my taste is all over the place. I have style ADD or something. I'll come home with chunky modern bangles, a romantic ruffly top (exactly like the three I already own), and a sequined tank.  

So when Kristen (of DineandDish) instagrammed about receiving boxes of specially selected clothing and accessories from Stitch Fix, I was curious.  

Imagine: A personal shopper that sends you clothes. Trying them on at home with your own accessories (thanks to the outfit idea card included). Paying for your favorites and sending the rest back. Reviewing all the items to give your stylist a better idea of what you like and ... waiting for your next fix.  It's beautiful.

And of course it's not free. But it's close. $20 includes the personalized shopping service and shipping and applies to your order, if you keep anything. Yeah, you read that right. And if you buy all 5 pieces, you get 25% off the whole order. Also very cool. 


So what was in my first Fix?


Item #1:

Fix1 028

This chambray shirt. I loved the fabric. I liked the high-low hems and the detailing.  The thing is, my arms are really short and even this XS was too long for me. And it felt tight across the back, but looked ...baggy from the front? It just looked wrong. It's too bad, because this is one thing I don't have in my closet, and it does seem to be a good fall layering staple. Maybe I need to try another brand.  Returning.


Item #2:

Fix1 031
This darling tunic-y navy blouse. I pulled it out of the box thinking it looks like something my Great Aunt Ruth would have worn. Which is to say, I never would have pulled it off a rack.  I slipped it on and FELL IN LOVE.  The silk.  The modern detailing. The cut. The possibilities! Thank you, Personal Stylist Sarah.  I loved this pick! Keeper.


Items #3 + #4 : cobalt statement necklace and teal twist wrap tee.

Fix1 030
I liked both of these a lot.  Probably because I already have similar items in my closet and jewelry box! Returning both, although I loved the fabric and fit of the top (very similar to an emerald one I bought at anthro last year). 


Item #5: Navy Blue Zipper Detail Dress.

Fix1 027
Sarah knocked this one out of the park. I love it so much. It fits like a glove. I probably wouldn't have ever picked this one out because I rarely go for a solid color dress. However, in my questionnaire I had asked for tops and maybe a dress, something modern and still traditional.. something for a work dinner function and WHAMMO, does this one ever work! The mister liked it, too. Always a plus.

Evidently, I am apparently using WHAMMO now as an adjective.  I'm jaunty like that.

Fix1 032
I included some of the outfit cards because they are fun.  They didn't happen to photograph that well because they are small and aren't really crisp photos for starters, but I think it serves to share the experience a little bit. In the interest of time I edited these together on my phone, but the quality is lacking. For now, you get the gist. 


2 out of 5.  Not bad.  I'm told that as your stylist gets to know you better, the Fixes do, too. Fantastic. Well done, Sarah.  Well done!

For what it's worth, this review is entirely voluntary. I'm not receiving anything in exchange for this testimonial. I just want them to succeed. Because it might be my favorite thing. Ever.  

However, I will get a reward for referring you if you click through from my blog. ;)


miss chris

{ etsy love } Beki's bags...


Baby Audrey is continuing to improve... isn't that wonderful news???  It is hard not believe in the power of prayer and the possibilities of miracles when you read her story.  Thank you for letting me share.  xoxo


On to crafty things...

Have you got your Dottie Vintage bag yet?

my beki clutch

My dear friend, Beki, of Artsy Crafty Babe fame, has a few of these in her shop. They are all made with vintage linens and scream Spring. My word, this girl's workmanship is flawless. A little intimidating, really, Beks.

my beki clutch

Anyway, as soon as I knew she was making these available, I snatched one up. And I'm so glad I did. I have so many large gigantor purses that double as diaper bags, this one is a nice change of pace.  

I am still coveting the totes, though. 

Next up... the cutest little baby book you have ever seen. 

I promise, it is.

Now I just have to fill it. 


I'm seeing light...


She's nearly finished.  (I am not sewing over my pins.  It's a slow process, pulling these babies out every couple inches or so, but so far I'm pleased...)

nearly done

And some etsy goodies arrived in the mail the other day from Candace's shop.  Have you checked out her goodies?  Lots of sweet little vintage finds and crafts.  I picked up four of the prettiest (clean, perfect condition) vintage pillowcases and some handmade gift tags. 

in the mail

These little bunnies are so cute, I'm going to have a hard time putting them on packages!  ;)  I never know what my plans are for pillowcases (sometimes they are just pretty to cut up), but I'm happy to have them, too.  These are so springy. 

On a completely unrelated note, we're getting a new stove today.  Now that I'm a grown-up, I find appliance deliveries very exciting.  And now you know you have that post coming.  Please try to contain your excitement. 

From the Mailbox

Somehow, in a completely distorted universe far, far away, it makes perfect sense to trade middle-of-the-road-promotional-material-making-skills for this:

Crystalline Cake Plate

A gorgeous and very rare pink crystalline cake plate.

Some friends of mine are brave (and crazy) enough to have fallen for this special craft.  She throws the pottery -- all gorgeous -- and he glazes.  He's a software salesman by day, expert mineral crystal glazier by night.  Their stuff is ridiculously beautiful.  The failure rate on these kinds of pieces is very high, so most people don't bother with it.  I'm so glad they do. 

Crystalline Cake Plate

They had never tried pink before, but that's what I requested... so here it is.  Their first pink plate.  Oh, Larry, thank you.  It's perfect.

And your little postcards are on their way...

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

I also keep forgetting to thank Jade, at chikaustin, for bestowing the "You Make Me Smile " Award on yours truly last week.  The last award I received was in high school for Best Actress in a Comedy.  Which sounds very impressive until you realize there were only two girls in the whole production.  And I had more lines. 

So when she tapped me (and a couple others) out of the many talented bloggers out there as someone who makes her smile... well.  Let me tell you.  I felt special.  If you haven't had a chance to check out her lovely blog, make sure you do.  She has been cranking out some darling pillowcase dresses lately!  Jade, you make me smile, too.  XOXOXOXO   

Marching on...

First off, a big 'ol BELATED Midwestern THANKS to Miss Lera of The Sky is Pink, for the sweet little package that arrived last week.  (Truth be told, after all the drama of last week, I ended up getting very sick myself and stayed in bed for 5 days.  * But I'm going to gloss over that part.*  See that?  Like it never happened.  I'm DONE talking about ill health.) 

FromleraI was delighted to get a little package with the yummiest smelling homemade chocolate peanut butter soap and bakers twine and handmade card...!  Thank you Lera, xoxoxo  I love it.  Fidget thinks it's chocolate and wants to eat it.

(Please forgive the photo quality.  It's pouring down rain right now and there isn't decent light to be found!)

This week I am GOING to FINISH the curtains for the playroom.  See?  I've already got the sheeting ready.


In truth, I started cutting these over a week ago.  And then I realized I miscut not one, not two, but all THREE curtain panels. How long have I been sewing again???  I tossed them on the table in disgust and walked away, quite sure that my stupidity was a serious handicap to my crafting and I shouldn't go any further.  But now I know how I'll fix them, so no harm done.  They'll just be... fancier.  Because that is what a fake window in a playroom needs.  Fancy curtains.

Anyway, the playroom IS going to be finished one of these days!  Because I need to get going on her. I'm still mulling over fabric options and the whole slipcover/reupholster decision, but we're closing in on that project, my dears.  I can't wait.

Goodness, there is a lot to catch up on when you've been unplugged for a week.  I honestly don't know if I'm going to catch up or just start from here.  There's so much good stuff in blogland that I would hate to miss.  We'll see if this week's workload allows for some skimming through last week or not... I have a feeling things are going to be pretty busy over here for a while.  I'm missed you all, dear friends!

: : :  Thank you, again, for your sweet comments and emails over the last week.  They have meant so much.  My father-in-law is moving into the rehab unit today, which is a miracle considering he had no pulse a week ago... and little Fidget?  She's back to her old silly self again.  : : :  e x h a l e  : : :

Miniswap Fun!

On Saturday we were an hour into Fidget's birthday party when the doorbell rang.

Our miniswap parcel had arrived from Ali and her boys in England!

A parcel from England!

I cannot tell you how fun it was to explain to our merry little group what this was all about -- and then add that pretty package (can you see that cool flowered packing tape?) to our pile of presents and save it for last.  What fun!

Ali and her boys were so generous.   

A letter from a new friend

First of all, her 7 year old son, Mark, wrote the sweetest (and most entertaining) letter to our girls telling them all about his school and friends and goldfish.  Very, very cute. 

Ali enclosed a note to me saying how they decided to send all the makings for a perfect tea... and wow, did they ever.

Miniswap 3 Tea Time treats from Domesticali & kids

Ali even made my eldest an apron - which she modeled with delight.  Poor thing borrows mine all the time and was thrilled to have one of her own.  ??  Why has this escaped me for so long? 

apron for big sister - miniswap 3

And if I can get Fidget to stand still long enough, I'm going to try on the sweet little smocket Ali made, and was thoughtful enough to send a couple vintage buttons in case it was too small to tie!


There was so much in the box...

A cupcake cookbook!

  • A cupcake cookbook, which has already been studied by big sister
  • A 'Duck' book (a character we adore... and we didn't have this one in our collection)
  • A Magic Paint book (just use water!)  And paint brushes.  Love these.
  • Cupcake decorations
  • Cupcake candles

    So many goodies for a proper tea.

  • Hippo Biscuits for tea time (Mark and Johnny's fave)
  • Hama bead coasters for our tea cups

  • hama bead Coasters

  • petit fours paper cups

  • Fidget liked the petit-fours cups

  • And more?  Yes, it seemed to go on forever.  They even included a little striped bag with lipglosses and girly stuff for big sister, but I think those have been stashed in a backpack already.  I can't find them!

Thank you Ali, Mark and Johnny!  It was all wonderful.  We hope you receive your package soon and enjoy it just as much.  xoxoxo

[ Want to see more miniswap photos?  >>> Follow me to the flickr group ]