Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasure: Mad Men (the tv show, not angry men in general)

I'm not much of a tv-watcher.  I like having cable so I can listen to the music choice stations and keep up with new artists. 

But, friends, I have found something new.  And I like it.

Not since 24(and drat that writer's strike -- we didn't get a season this year.  I'm still bitter.) have I been so intrigued by a television program.


Mad Men, the original AMC drama, is rocking my world.  First, because the main setting is a mid-sized Madison Avenue advertising firm, and the main character is the head of the Creative department (copy writers and designers).  I have been the entire internal marketing and advertising creative department for a small company for a long time, so how the producers convey the creative process is just plain interesting to me.


But second.  It takes place in 1960.  Oh, the music.  And the cars.  And the parties.  The atmosphere.  The set design is perfect.  From the desks to the clocks to the vintage accessories (children's books!  cigarette dispensers!  lamps! that sunburst clock on the wall in the above photo... )


And the recklessness.   They don't sugarcoat it. 

Imagine being angry at your child with the dry cleaning bag on her head, only because she probably ripped the bag off of one of your newly cleaned gowns.  Or drinking and smoking whilst pregnant.  No seat-belts.... children hopping over the front seat or hiding on the floor.   Resting your head on your honey's shoulders on the long drive home after a night with friends.

But what wins me over every time???  The CLOTHES.  Oh my.  Just look at Betty Draper.  This is what she wears to run over and watch the neighbor kid.  (She's just finished making dinner for the family.)


And here she is, all gussied up next to her handsome and mysterious hubs, Don.


And Joan.  The Gal in charge of all of the office Girls.


She is somethin'.  Let me tell you.

We heard good things about this show, winning all these awards and such after its first year.  We started watching the first season's episodes on demand since they were available and we were intrigued and, well, we were hooked.  All 23 epi's were there for us just by hitting 'select'.  A show that can get away with things (oh, the drinking and smoking and womanizing) that you can't on regular network tv.  And hubs and I BOTH like it.  Brilliant!


And then the Olympics began and HD On-Demand decided to replay volleyball and fencing and heavens knows what else in lieu of our beloved Mad Men season one epi's.   I tell you what, that made me cranky.  So much so, that hubs actually suggested I call around today to see if we can get the DVDs.  I must have been in a state. 


The good news is that dear Justin at Blockbuster was kind enough to verify that they do, in fact, have the discs we need to finish out Season One and get all caught up with the rest of the universe.  (Are you staring at the chairs or the cool desk lamp in that office?  I knew it.)  Crisis averted! 

Seriously, have you watched it yet?  I don't know that I like any of the characters, really.  They are all kind of grimy in their own way, but the show itself is immensely likable.  I do like the Menken's Dept Store owner character.  She is smart and successful and kind of tragic. And Betty, who was dressed in her flowy nightgown, shot at the neighbor's pigeons after he threatened to kill the dog, and she grew instantly more likable, in my opinion.  ;)

{ ALL photos borrowed from AMC's photo gallery. }