{ giveaway } W O R D winner!

Our family's elf-on-the-shelf, Sandy, has been busy presiding over the house since Thanksgiving, taking note of good and bad behaviors and reporting back to Santa every night.  I honestly wish we could have Sandy come stay with us all year long, as the mere mention of his name quickly turns otherwise normal children into little angels.  I have never heard the words, "sure, mommy" and "oops, I mean, please..."  and "that's ok" quite so readily spoken in these parts.

Sandy, I do believe I have a crush on you.  (Even if you are only a 9-inch felt doll that makes me feel inadequate sometimes.)


At any rate, since he is held in such high regard around our house and this is a special time of year, I asked Sandy this morning if he would care to reveal the name of our giveaway winner. 

And the random integer internet gods have spoken!

Congratulations, Kirsten (December 15, 2010 at 10:20 AM), you have won a copy of W O R D!  I'll contact you directly for additional info later today.

It was fun to read how many of you had specific memories of polaroids as children.  I do remember the thrill of the Instant Photo and the Waving of the Picture and the Awe as we watched those images slowly appear.  It was so very very cool.  I'm so excited to see Jen's book for myself and hold it in my hands!

Here's hoping your holiday countdown isn't too crazy this week.  I have family coming into town to stay with us starting on Wednesday, so we are scurrying about getting last minute things together.  I'm going to remember to stop and sit and enjoy it all.  Breathe it in.  The people, the rush, the food, the laughter, the excitement, the twinkly lights, the celebration itself.  It's all good stuff and it fills my heart. 

happy monday, friends!
miss chris

{ giveaway } W O R D | a polaroid collaboration

I am so very happy for my dear friend, Jen of scissorspaperglue!  She is a newlywed. She is delightful. She is sweet and kind and creative.  She is crazy good with a polaroid camera. 

And now ... she's in print! 

Book1(photo: jen shaffer)

AND I have one of her gorgeous books, W O R D, to give away!

about W O R D:
a polaroid collaboration, 2 years in the making...

each month, the 2 jens would alternate picking a word, which was then interpreted with a polaroid image. at the end of the month, they would post the images online on their blogs, and marvel at the uncanny similarities.

now their collaboration is available in print form.

only 500 copies will be printed.

about jen s
jen lives in saint paul, minnesota. you can find her most evenings in her dining room, creating handmade books and goods while enjoying a bottle of wine. she blogs 5 days a week at

about jen v
jen lives in portland, oregon. she enjoys spending time creating in her new studio and dreaming about when polaroid film will once again be available to the masses. she blogs when she can at


Just leave a comment here (about your love of the polaroid of course, who doesn't?!)  by midnight Friday, December 17, and I will use the number generator to select a winner and announce it sometime next Monday, the 20th.

Easy peasy!  xoxo
miss chris

W O R D is published by painted fish studio press.  { Click here to purchase. }

{ giveaway } Herringbone Lane Frock

size 3 charcoal

The mini-boden challenge is still underway. And I am still working on the coat.  The gorgeous faux rabbit fur arrived yesterday and it is PERFECT. 

But oy, that coat has slowed me down.

So let's make this fun again, shall we?

size 3 charcoal

I'm going to give away a PPF charcoal gray toddler dress, size 2-6, just like this one.

It's made of the softest herringbone suiting fabric ever.  I know, you don't think suiting = soft, but take my word for it.  This Is Luscious!  Perfect with leggings or tights or jeans or bobbie socks.  Dress it up or down... and throw it in the wash when you're done.  Doesn't get easier than that.

size 3 charcoal

Just leave a comment at the bottom of this post for one entry.

gonna be a giveaway!

And link back to the this post for a second entry...

and share it on Facebook for a third!

(ok, I'm having a hard time figuring out who has shared it or liked or whatever on FB.  Any tips here from those of you who have?)

I'll announce the winner Friday morning.  We can celebrate while I'm on my way to Seattle for the Dottie Angel Workshop.  Wooohoo!




{ giveaway } Winner!

It is still morning in some parts of the world. 

When I said I'd post the winner of the book drawing on Friday morning I had totally forgotten about  my standing Friday Morning Coffee plans with friends.  So.  Now I'm caffeinated, Wonderbaby is asleep, and I'm going to get down to business.

Righty ho!


Thanks to for making it so easy to pick a number, even if it lacks the hoopla and dramatics of a live ticket drawing.  My first ever random comment drawing goes like this:

Woohoo!  Very exciting, yes?

Congratulations, Lise of In the Purple House!  You have won a copy of Craft Hope: Handmade Crafts for a Cause.  I hope you enjoy it, sweets!


{ giveaway } Craft Hope book

We are smack dab in the middle of Craft Hope Book Month hysteria and the good stuff just won't stop.  Those generous people at Lark Craft have provided me with a book to give away and I'm just thrilled that one of my own PPF friends has a chance to win it.

So, would you like a free copy of Craft Hope: Handmade Crafts for a Cause?

You would?!  Super!


I'm not exactly an expert with the whole giveaway thing, so let's keep it simple.  Leave a comment on this post by midnight, Central Time, Thursday, August 19th and I'll announce the winner Friday morning. Woohoo!

Note to the future winner:  After you win and dance around with your new book that is chock full of projects for causes and inspiration and goodness, make sure you turn to page 90.  


Happy Monday!

miss chris