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When I was posting Izzy's elephant room update, I shared a trick on my instastory that apparently isn't as universally known as I thought: the masking tape wall-hanging cheat. 

Well, here you go, in all of it's that-totally-makes-sense-face-palming glory. Because I'm sure I rolled my eyes and said, "of course!" the first time I saw this, too. It's a game changer and you will from henceforth be able to hang with confidence! Promise.


You will need:

  • masking tape
  • a level
  • pencil
  • nails
  • hammer 


This is the Hogwarts Crest we wanted to add to her little gallery: 


It has those annoying two hooks on the back, that will inevitably end up crooked, right? Enter masking tape. Simply mark the spots where your nails need to go. 


I eyeballed where I wanted the crest to be. And there is no photo because my insta-people were nowhere to be found and I couldn't be bothered to set up a tripod. I did note the center of the frame below, marked it on the wall, and then centered my masking tape dots likewise. The big trick is using the level to make sure your nail holes will be level, as seen below:


Remember how this was on an instastory? Well there was a cute little boomerang video showing me hammering these nails into the dots on the masking tape. But Typepad is being difficult and embedding that cute little video isn't working so.... that's what I did. I tapped the nails into the dots on the masking tape. 


Then you can peel off the tape and VOILĂ€!  You've got a perfect handing spot. (The weird black stuff is the velvet smocking from the back of the crest. Lovely.)


It really is magical.  

(We got her crest when we were visiting Universal Studios on spring break, but you can find one here.)

She comes home in two more days and we cannot wait. I miss my girl! See more of her elephant room in this blog post.   


Thanks for stopping by! 




mind blown!

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