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Right now my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds are chock full of despair and hatred. The 2016 Presidential Race will go down as one of the most emotionally driven in history. Everyone in my pretty little town is tired, stressed and wary.

A best friend of mine is battling breast cancer.

I found out last week that my back, which has bothered me for years and is currently making it hard to do anything, is presenting bone degeneration and arthritis. It's not just in my head, I guess. Welcome to middle-age.


And this adorable one year old puppy has developed the new habit of barking incessantly at any passerby. And we live in a walking community. Our house stands 8 feet from the sidewalk. My nerves are on edge.

Do not for one second let her sweet dark chocolate eyes fool you. 


Despite all of the Hard, I cannot help but smile like an idiot when I walk or drive through our lovely town. Autumn is such a gift. This fleeting colorworks display makes me stop and truly marvel at the beauty of this amazing world. Underneath that summer canopy of deep green and bright chartreuse was this spectacular show has been waiting, ready for us to stop and take a moment. 


This year's display seems more brilliant than ever. It's a good thing, because I've needed several moments.  

The stupid grin still comes back. Tears form in the corners of my eyes, and I can't help but relish the quiet magnificence of it all.  


 Mary Deihl

Totally agree, this was not a great week. But, the leaves are gorgeous๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ!
And it's lovely to see you back on your blog. Keep posting!


yes. i hear you. the little, good things are carrying me through. xo.

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