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May 2014

the one where we throw a grad party because someone insists on growing up

moving. packing. pre-K graduation. houseguests. awards assemblies. HS graduation.  family beach trip. temporary housing.  softball double header wednesday nights. dance recital prep.

gradparty 066

That's our May and early June. And everyone I know seems to be in the same kind of spot... spinning around, noticing the gorgeous spring weather... unable to really appreciate it very much because life is just so crazy! I'm trying to be present when I can. There are milestones I don't want to forget, glossed over in the fog of a big move. 

gradparty 067

Last Friday, we threw a grad party for my eldest. Since it would be our last shindig in this house, I really wanted it to be something for her to remember.  

Deck lights 098


In classic miss-chris-fashion, we worked right up until the last minute, so any photo evidence of this party was taken while the first guests were arriving and I had just barely emerged from my bedroom, showered and dressed.  

Selfie 099

Just keeping it real, friends. (we had a faux photobooth with my camera and a remote.)

Her school colors are navy and silver, but she is a huge fan of hot pink, so we incorporated that into her party as well.  Candy, flowers, tissue tassels, balloons... pretty simple. 

gradparty 075



gradparty 070

We gorged ourselves on Chipotle and Sushi, a regular Japanese-Baja Fusion buffet.  Which I totally think is going to become a Thing. 

gradparty 083

And it was delicious.

gradparty 068

The Fig Tree Cafe, a local KC award-winning bakery took care of our dessert needs: salted caramel bars, lemon-bars, white chocolate mousse mint brownies, oreo cookie brownies, and a variety of mini cupcakes.  

Cu-food 094

Yes.  Yum.  They were AMAZING. 

Cu-table 097

Our weather had been gorgeous and warming leading up to the week of this party, so I rented some tables and linens for outdoor seating.  It ended up being a little cooler than expected, but I was glad for no rain!  No tornadoes! So I'm considering it a win. 

Cu-ballooons 095

It really was wonderful. And she is pretty pumped about the future, too. 



IMG_9910 (2)

Cu-capu 096


I am so blessed with this girl. My first. My inspiration and purpose during many difficult years. She has a big heart and a creative, unique spirit. She is going to do big things. Just you wait and see. 


(...and she is surrounded by love-able goofballs. Lucky girl.)