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the one where we throw a grad party because someone insists on growing up

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I'm feeling a little like I am able to breathe these days. 

We had someone make an offer on our house. We are in contract on a new home.  Questions are getting answered and grey areas are coming to light. This move has been in the works for 18 months and we are in the home stretch.  

Can I say that again?! THE HOME STRETCH. 

I'm so punny. 

And, since I have spent the past year and a half readying my home for sale, I am quite over making design choices that are 'neutral' and 'vanilla' and 'universally appealing'.  In fact, the pendulum might be swinging the exact opposite direction.  

I am craving color. And texture and bold choices.  

What's funny about it is that we are moving into a very tradtional, somewhat historic, classic stone tudor house.

So of course I'm thinking PINK.  (Not orchid, the Pantone Color of the Year. Personally, I think they got that one wrong.)  More like the deep fuschia of a bouganivilla vine.

And navy.  

Or Indigo,  as we are calling it in 2014.

navy blue + pink + brass


And antique brass (just as I spent a year covering up and replacing shiny 90's brass).   

I am obsessed with the idea of a navy -- sorry -- an Indigo velvet sofa and a bright modern overscaled piece of art over it. And a fanstastic pillow.  The mister has no idea what is coming. 
Just in case you were wondering... 


Alicia A.

Maybe Nora and I need to make a Girls Trip to OH someday...


i am going to be following! this is my kind of fun!


fun! fun! fun! we are getting ready to replace our large, navy sectional with...wait for it....another large, navy sectional. (i just love that color so much!)

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