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This summer is flying by.  It's been jam-packed with dance classes for all three girls, recitals, a birthday, swim classes and a a couple trips.  And that was just June. 

We got back from a long-anticipated annual trip to Captiva Island, Florida, on Saturday night.  After eight loads of laundry washed, folded and put away, and an open calendar for July, you'd think I'd be ready to relax.  Sure. 


Oh no...  On Friday we are getting a puppy.  An 8wk old goldendoodle from a breeder in Joplin.  We are so excited.  

Another fun thing about July is that I've been asked to contribute over at habit.  I'm looking forward to taking time each day to reflect and use my big old camera for more than special occasions.   See you there!  (I'm guessing there might be a few puppy photos.  Just saying.)

Thanks for stopping by.  I haven't posted over here in forever.  Last September, it looks like.  I suppose now would be a good reason to start up again.  It feels good.  




so happy to see you here. and will love seeing you at habit, too. xoxo

Wendy Simmons

Yay!!! Thanks for a small update. Have prayed for you & hoped you were well. (Just a unknown follower of your blog) You sound as if you are healing! God is good.


Glad to see your updated. Will be thinking about you next month. It is a hard time of year for me. Looking forward to hearing more about the puppy

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