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September 2012

{ music } to my ears

One of the fantastic things about the being immersed in this vintage resale community is the access I have to other vendors and their cool stuff.

The sweetest stereo cabinet ever.

Like this pretty little Admiral stereo console.  She had been at one of our vendor's screen printing shop for years, but they were moving and there wasn't really room in their new space.  It broke her heart, but Sarah brought the beloved console into our shop, unwilling to even price her, for two months.  We all drooled and considered taking her home.  

I had grown up listening to my grandparents' giant console in their living room.  I loved it. However, there was a cross-country logistical issue.  And a space issue.  And it possibly smelled like 50 years of cigarette smoking and New Hampshire mildew.  I couldn't justify the cost and all the possibilities.  I'm sure the mister was glad for that short-lived possibility.

This one was smaller. Closer.  And didn't smell.  After selling a couple of my upholstered pieces, I just couldn't resist anymore.  I decided she was going home with me.


And it was just in the nick of time. 

Some local radio personalities happened to be in the store that night, getting ready for a live broadcast from the West Bottoms (kicking off our famous haunted house season, oy).  I saw them circling and oohing and ahhing and checking her out. 

They were quite disappointed to hear she was already spoken for.  Ahem.  I let them down gently, of course.  


I grew up listening to Disney record albums.  And I kept them.

I haven't heard them in decades.  

My old albums.

We've been making our way through albums, the girls flipping through the illustrated covers as we go. 

The radio works, too, and the sound…perfect.   


I still haven't found a spot for her in the house.  Right now she's sitting in my bedroom, keeping me company while I fold laundry.  (Incidentally it ALL got done this weekend.  Coincidence? Nope.)  And she won't stay this color blue, although it's pretty. She would be gorgeous in the playroom, but there are far too many curious little people in and out of our house!

My hope is to make her over so that she will live in one of our main living areas someday.  Perhaps in a smoky grey finish or a creamy white?  


For now, we're just having fun.