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My Pemberlie project is taking the lion's share of my creative time these days -- and it's wonderful. It's really, truly awesome to be surrounded by so many talented people.  The energy is inspiring and has been a great source of therapy for me.  I can't put into words how good it feels to be productive again.  


I knew things would have to change for me to move forward...  For a long time after losing Darcy, I was numb when I stepped into my studio.  I walked in, shuffled around, looked at fabrics and patterns, tidied up a bit and walked out.  I had lost any creative drive.  I saw piles of fabrics and remembered what I was originally going to do with them.  No need for a new bumper.  No need for a new rocking chair pillow.  I didn't feel much like thrifting or fixing up things, either... my creative and personal spark was gone.  I don't know how else to describe it.


With the Pemberlie project, I have deadlines and creative challenges and a completely different perspective.   And so far, so good. I am feeling more like myself.  I feel like my family is getting a better version of me, too.


The shop keeps me very busy.
I don't have much time for personal crafting, but last Thursday was an exception.  


A while back, the little girls and I had visited Powell Gardens. Kansas City is so lucky to have this beautiful treasure!  This summer's theme is Fairies and Forts and it. is. awesome.  The girls were so inspired by what they saw, they couldn't wait to make houses of their own for our backyard fairies.  

Lilac's mother's home (and water crafts)

And lets be honest.  Neither could I.


We began assembling supplies immediately.  I had found some wooden stump cuts (is there a real name for them?) at a thrift store and we collected sticks and rocks and nuts at the park. We decided that our fairies would appreciate some flowers and gemstones as well, so we popped over to the craft store for those and super tacky craft glue.


When we got home  my girls sat for hours and created whimsical little fairy homes.  Fidget concocted story after story about Lilac and Lucko, the fairies who live in her creations.  


The littlest easily spent an hour and a half working on her house. She was very patient about waiting until we were outside to add the glittery pixie dust.  And then helped herself in the most generous way.

It's a lovely fairy village.  The girls enjoy watching the birds and bugs explore these new additions to our backyard.  They are quite proud of their creations, making sure that everyone that comes over gets a personal tour.  

Fidget's fairy house - "Lilac's Castle Island"

If you know of any fairies looking for a change of scenery and enthusiastic landlords, send them our way. I'm sure something can be arranged.


Sarah :: greenclogs

This is so sweet. I love them. I'll have to show Annika - I'm sure she'll be inspired too!

So glad to hear that your spark is back. xo


I'm so happy to see you inspired again :)
Tell the girls that their fairy houses are wonderful! I especially like the jewels and flowers. And sparkley fairy dust!


Love the fairy house idea. So cute and looks like so much fun. May have to keep this idea in my back pocket when we get a free weekend!


So beautiful. I love to see new posts from you. Happy that your spark is coming back.


My kiddos love building fairy houses. So beautiful and full of whimsy. Glad you are finding your stride again.

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