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March 2012

{ and just like that }

spring seems to be here.

It seems fitting for me this year that it is in all ways not like ones in the past.  It's early, unpredictable and quite welcome.  I keep waiting for the shoe to drop, but so far things look good.  No freezes in the forecast.  The oddest thing for me was starting my allergy meds in February and kicking them up a notch this week as the green came out in full force. 

Still, the change of seasons has put me on edge about some things. My warmer clothes don't all fit yet, so there is the reminder that I am still post-partum and need to give myself a bit more time.  The tug of loss is there, brought about by something as silly as bringing out the 'off-season' clothes.  It's still very raw.

I'm turning 40 next month, as well.  So there is the range of emotions that goes with that.  And we had to put our sweet family pet, Autumn, to rest just two weeks ago, at almost 14 years and a long battle with abdominal tumors.

But spring promises new life and new beginnings.  I want to drink in the delicious greens and delicate blooms I see emerging and follow their lead.