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Fidget's Valentine's day party is tomorrow, on the 10th.  This has completely thrown me off this year. The 14th seems like sooo much more time to get things done, somehow.  At any rate, this week I went in to panic mode, because

a) Valentines are due on friday

b) No candy is allowed (so no awesomely easy photo w/ dum-dums this year.  drat.)

c) I'm head room mom so I have a party to throw.  Tomorrow. So I'm blogging.


I totally could have gone the easy route and printed out valentines, especially with this year's mandate of 'No Candy!!'   However, that Fidget is used to mom being all crafty, and I wasn't crafty enough to talk her out of felt and thread and irons and what not. Oy. 

So just in case you DON'T have to turn in your valentines tomorrow and DO have the weekend to work on them and you're a little bit crazy like me, you could do what we've decided to do:

rose barrettes from the purl bee for the girls:



pirate eye patches from ashley ann (at under the sycamore) for the boys.

We printed out some little cards to hand them out, all legit-like.  And now we're going to throw a party with homemade picture bingo cards -- because there is a chance some kids don't know all their numbers, five kinds of hypoallergenic treats -- so no one feels left out, a photo booth-- because that's what people are doing these days, and musical chairs. I think next year I'm going to let the excited first time mommies take over. 

And then I'm going to take a nap.  (But not before my dear friend, Lina, makes fun of me...I'm sure.  I'm laughing, too, lady. Happy Valentine's Day.)

The end.



Wow, Chris you are so amazing and cool. I am just in awe!!! Way to go on the hypoallergenic treats, kids like Ansley are extremely blessed by your way over the top effort!!!!


Adorable...as always! :)


those are pretty fantastic. We made "I mustache you a question" cards this year... Pretty cute and I just finished them up this morning even though they were due to the rooms yesterday. WHY yesterday? I dunno.


LOVE these! I'm pretty sure I just found our Valentine ideas!


goodness woman, you make me tired!! i hope you rewarded yourself after all that hard work :)


That purple rose barrette is pretty AWESOME! Heh heh :)
The cards turned out great! xo

chris carleton

Yes it did, my friend! Thanks for helping!! xo


best blogging line ever: "because that's what people are doing these days"

(actually, i'm jealous. i want a barrette and an eye patch! roar!)


dang, girl! you are good.

amy h

We were all over the easy photos with dumdums this year. :) We finished them today. So cheap and easy! There is no way I could have made all those barrettes and patches in less than a month! You're quick.


Love these.... The pirate patches are awesome!

Lindsay Jewell



so fabulous!!

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