{ holiday home tour} the living room
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{ holiday tour } The Kitchen

Part four of the slowest holiday tour ever!

I took photos weeks ago, started this post and never got around to words... so this one will be photo heavy and light on explanation.  At this point, who cares?  I will say that this year was the first with my new kitchen, so I did have fun with it.  In the past I really didn't want to draw attention to my shiny dark den-like space.

{ holiday tour } The Kitchen

 The deer and ornaments were above my pantry on the right.

{ holiday tour } The Kitchen

 I made some boxwood wreaths from the overgrown shrubbery in my yard and hung them over the stove, which now has the new section of cabinets above.  I cannot believe how different this space looks now.  (before)

{ holiday tour } The Kitchen

The kitchen got the tall skinny tree that I've had for 12 years... it's so short that I prop it up on canned goods every year under that skirt.  This angle shows the (1985, free to me) black pedestal table that I painted black. The aluminum chairs and garage-sale-still-needing-slipcovers parsons chairs all fit nicely around it, and we could easily add another 4 narrow chairs around the sides if we needed to.  This works so much better for our large-ish family, friends and littles that are always in and out.

{ holiday tour } The Kitchen


{ holiday tour } The Kitchen

This shows off the new cabinetry in its entirety.  If I were to do it again, I'd have added lighting in the top cabinets, but I still love the extra storage.  (before)

{ holiday tour } The Kitchen

From this angle, you can see the now-black secretary and hutch, which looks so much better as a stand alone piece.   I kept my original cabinet stuff up there and added a few ornaments and boxwood sprigs for Christmas.

{ holiday tour } The Kitchen


{ holiday tour } The Kitchen

One of my favorite things was the glass jar with lights. 

{ holiday tour } The Kitchen

If I had time to do only a few things, this would make the list.

I hope your holiday season was full of sparkly moments. 

(if you're curious about the kitchen reno, it starts here.)



I love, love, love the kitchen...and hope you are enjoying it immensely. You keep dashing through my thoughts. I'm up to my eyeballs in an art auction project with Kenzie's class (& so wishing I hadn't nodded my head yes!) but I keep thinking that I so very wish you were near to bounce ideas off of. The ideas are a plenty, but whether I can make sense out of it all ~ and create a nice finished project by February....is still a guessing game. Wish me luck while you're cooking something up in that gorgeous kitchen! x's, o's & i miss you's..... ~s


Such a beautiful kitchen. I'm at the end of my painting-my-kitchen-cupboards-white project and I'm trying to decide between dark (matte black maybe?) and satin nickel hardware. Your dark hardware looks lovely! I love the idea of the tiny boxwood wreaths above the stove. I may be filing that idea away for next year! Gorgeous as always, Chris!


You have a fantastic kitchen! I love your not-quite-tall-enough tree too! I'm wondering about your painted pedestal table....how does the finish wear? Do you have to be really careful or can it take a lot? I have the same table with its original oak finish, which I hate! I'm dying to paint it!

chris carleton

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chris carleton

Katie - thank you!! The finish on the table is a Benjamin Moore floor grade poly, so it is wearing very well. It is the same finish as the hutch, and I wipe it down with a wet cloth. Im really impressed. Probably need to post product details -- my painter really knows what hes talking about!


it's beautiful, chris!


gorgeous. and thanks for posting this. your kitchen turned out beautifully. great job GC!
i need to remember the floor paint idea. not that i need it right now, but i'm tucking that one away. i'm always painting / changing something.
also, i love the lights in a jar or large bowl idea. it would be great at a summer shindig too! oh! you've got me thinking...
we had an 11 foot tall, skinny tree this year. we all agreed it was the best ever. love me a skinny! great effect, minimal disruption!

Dalai Lina

Who has a desk that clean? Tell me it usually look like a paper fest?

chris carleton

Ha, Lina! Would it help if I opened the compartments above and everything tumbled out?


I'm still coveting your beautiful white kitchen!


Beautiful! What fun to decorate a fresh clean place. You did a wonderful job.

rachel | buttons magee

It's just the right amount of festive. i love the little wreathes you made. so cute.


Beautiful. My kitchen is about 1/2 that size and so dark. Your's looks amazing!


Love the kitchen - I am so jealous of your little desk nook!

Watching Miss A tomorrow... you?


Your kitchen has come up beautifully. Jacinta

Kathy Griffith

Gorgeous kitchen, a really beautiful spacious room. Love the secretary in the back. So open and bright. My father in law built us a similar wine rack above our small panty. Yours looks so much nicer but isn't it great for your wine. I love ours.

Amanda Pinkston

You have a beautiful home! Thank you for sharing it with us. I'm definitely doing the jar of lights next Christmas!

amy h

It looks beautiful! The light in there is so nice now, you could swear you added windows! All that white is perfect for your Christmas decorations. And your desk is crazy neat, even if that compartment is full of popping snakes. :)


I love the jar of lights. I'm going to try to remember that next year.


That is a dream kitchen and perfectly decorated for the holidays. Thanks for posting!!!!

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