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Five years ago, The St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series on my husband's 35th birthday.  We had bought tickets and driven 4 hours to see them clinch the title.  I thought it was a once in a lifetime kind of experience.

Hello, St Louis. #game7

It was.  Until the night of his 40th birthday, when they won game six in one of the most dramatic and exciting games in franchise history. 

So we bought tickets for game 7 and drove across the state, once again marvelling along with the rest of the world at how crazy it is that the Cards could pull it together this season.  (And at how charmed my husband's milestone birthdays are shaping up to be.)

You know the end to the story.  St. Louis won the game and the city celebrated. 

Freese will never have to buy himself a beer in that town.

There was much rejoicing.

Game 7 win for your 40th. Not a bad party.

It wasn't really about the game for me.

2011, you've been one crazy dramatic year.  I won't be sad to see you go, but Friday night was superb.  It felt so good.