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How behind I am around here.  We're so busy having fun and vacationing and running about... it's all good.  I've never been a huge fan of the summer because of the heat, especially coupled with the humidity here in Missouri.  But something has changed in me this summer and I'm welcoming the lazy-fun-sweaty-forehead-sundresses-and-flip-flops change of pace. 

Today is super super hot, so I decided to camp out in the basement on the computer for a bit.  So, while I'm at it...

simple 2 layer white cake with creamy frosting.

Spunky turned two a couple weeks ago.  She chose all of her pink finery.  I swear, I just let her loose and this is what happened.  At least she comes by it honest.  (Which continues to be a favorite saying of mine, even though I know the grammar is all wrong.)

I loved these flower pom pom garlands at party city.

We made our own ice cream and entertained some family and a couple friends... squishing our shindig in between dance recitals.  Never a dull moment.  (Poufy garland from party city.  Allow yourself 5 minutes per pouf; it's a timesucker.)  Note to self: Get rid of that dratted tin can that has housed the dog food since 2002.  It has no business in mah new kitchen.

Spunky is all about dressing up and being a pin-sass.  After opening this gown from my parents, she put it on over her nightclothes and wore it the rest of the day.  On your birthday you can do that.

in her newest princess dress. all day.

I swear I can't make this up.  The best reaction - aside from the princess gown and a new pair of sparkly flip flops -- was because of LIP GLOSS.  Which she has never used or owned.  She sure knows how to use it though. 

note: it does not come off easily with baby wipes, no matter how much you try.

see?  she didn't cry the whole time.  Girl loves her lip gloss.

At about 1:30 -- a good 30 minutes after naptime and lots of simulation overload -- we brought out the cake.

It was no lip gloss.

this girl and her expressions.

We sang "Happy Birthday."  She cried and refused to blow out her candles.

we were just singing to her.  promise.


she's gonna be real upset when she turns 40.

Oh the horror of a birthday.  I know, sweetie... I've got a big one coming up next year.  I might cry, too.


I am feeling bad about the blog thing.  Maybe she's run her course. I'm not ready to give it up right now, but I'm finding it harder to make it happen on any kind of regular basis.  Could be that it's summer.  We're wrapped up in the delicious freedom of jumping in the car with little to no preparation and staying up late because we can.  I am feeling as big as a house, but that's ok. We are busy busy busy and having a wonderful time.  I know in about 12 weeks all of this will make a giant 180 and we'll be wondering what hit us.  (Um, kindergarten and another baby will be be the answers... but remind me, because I'll be in a fog.) 

For now, I'm going to take a lazy approach to things around here.  We'll see what happens.  xo

(oh, and the kitchen is theeez close. promise.)



Love all that pink. I don't get much of that around here!

*** miss chris ***

jane: my blog title has never before seemed as appropriate. And with one more on the way, it really is a pink, pink world around here!


happy birthday to spunky!

she hurts my ovaries a wee bit.

Aimee Balch

Love it! How quickly they go from exhilaration to despair at that age ;)

Sarah :: greenclogs

Lordy. I love her. I still can't get over how much she and Kit look alike. Happy birthday Spunky!!


no feeling badly about the blog-thing, lady...guilt is unnecessary! (um, i think my last post was in april. yep. no guilt...well, almost no guilt.) i absolutley adore the "it's no lip gloss" face, and there is oh so much to be said for the delicious freedom of summertime (i just wish it wasn't so freaking hot!)!!!


Oh, the pinkyness of it all - spectacular! And that old blog wagon - well at least you know where it is if you want it, but feel no guilt.


I can't believe that little one is already two. The pink pouf garland is ADORABLE! Love all the pink. :)

Mary Smith

Happy Birthday! What a cutie!!

Pat Sieler

What a pretty pink girl. To bad we don't measure the brain of a two year old girl and find out why they demand pink. Maybe because they look so adorable in pink?
About the blog thing, a lot of the blogs I keep on my reading roll seem to be slowing down. Me, too. I don't seem to read or put out so many blogs as I used to. I just figured that I was becoming boring. But I sure have some interesting company, such as you!


I want to eat her up. Happy two, little miss. Miss you momma! That quick cup of coffee at Perkins back in December was way too long ago. xo

Dalai Lina

That is so cute! I can't believe how big she is!!!

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Helena K

Love your blog! Came across it looking for sewing projects. Love how you remake thrift shop clothes! Very inspiring! Btw, I'm a librarian (was not offended by your librarian comment when chopping that skirt) and live in England.


so sweet, my 3rd daughter was exactly the same when she turned 2, didn't want a bar of the cake!

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