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{ new beginnings }

{ the kitchen } this morning.

I've been getting pestered for kitchen photos.  When I look at things, it hasn't changed that much in the last couple weeks, but here goes.  We're at that last 5% of the project that is taking 95% of the time. 

We are waiting for what seems like a hundred tiny little details. Like outlet switches. 


And the remaining tile so we can finish the backsplash.  (And move the stove back 12")


And grout.  And the exhaust vent.  And shelf pegs in the new uppers so I can put my dishes away on the shelves that have been painted for weeks.


I am still loving the results this far. 

new bar

And we are so close.

getting there

In fact, as I'm writing this, the tilework is done above the stove and it looks great. 

The guys have just left for Home Depot to look for outlet covers and get some stuff related to the new exhaust vent.  The cabinet guy is going to fix the doors above the stove that were attached incorrectly (like, without hinges) in the next couple of days.  The granite people have been notified that one of their pieces doesn't look right... the painter is scheduled to come back on Monday for touch-ups. 

It's getting there.  It really is.  And believe me, I cannot WAIT to have it done to share with you. 

Also, if you were wondering, I'm now 23.5 weeks along. And it looks like I'll be doing pink loads of laundry for the rest of my forseeable future. I guess that also means I have a nursery to start. :)



amy h

Another girl! Well, of course. But four girls! Congrats.

Sarah :: greenclogs

Yay!! For everything. Especially for pink, also blue is just as nice. xoxo

Joanna C

congrats on another girl! My girls are the 4th generation of all girls on my side of the family, so I think girls are great! (plus, you've already got a bunch of great clothes ;-)


Oh, Chris! 4 girls! How exciting!

The kitchen looks incredible. You are a lucky lady!


I mean, as one lover of pink to another ... can there ever be too much pink in this world? xoxox

tracy harris

The kitchen looks absolutely gorgeous, no matter the last of the details that need to be completed!! And congratulations to you and Jay! I think girls are so precious and so fun! And pink is a pretty color. Can't wait to see what your nursery will look like!


oh goodness. really? Another girl!!! So happy for you! And, I already said it...but the kitchen is so lovely!


Another girl ! congrats and the kitchen looks fabulous darling! :)


Yay for pink!


Congratulations on more pink. Perhaps you can toss in some purple too to mix it up. Kitchen is looking fantastic.


Congratulations on another little girl to raise in that beautiful kitchen!


Congratulations on your new baby girl! Your kitchen is beautiful as well. I have enjoyed watching the transformation.


another girl! so sweet!
(kitchen is looking fab, too!)


Of course it's another girl! What else would it be? (At least that's what I thought at my ultrasounds... except with boys of course...)

The kitchen looks fab. I have some serious kitchen envy right now. Can't wait to see the final reveal!


Congratulations on baby girl #4! The kitchen is awesome. Def have kitchen envy.

Mary Smith

Congratulations!! You are having another baby! Your kitchen looks amazing too! Thanks for posting the photos!


Gorgeous kitchen... and happy pink laundry!

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Congrats on the addition! The kitchen looks fab. I have enjoyed watching the transformation.


Your new kitchen looks wonderful, nice and roomy for all those pink cakes you will be making...Congrats to you and your family.

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