{ the kitchen } days 5 -7: paint and shelves
{ enjoying } sunshine again

{ the kitchen } days 8-11 & 14 (and a vacay)

No worries.  The project is still underway.  For a few days we were painting extra coats and top coats and letting that dry.  And that just doesn't show up well in photographs.

And then I went on quick vacation! 

AZ vacation, 2011.  The Boulders PoolMy sweet husband takes me to Arizona every year for a nice long Mother's Day weekend before he stays on for a week to play golf with his friends. Works out fine by me, because after 4 days, I miss the girls a ton and need to get back in action.  The break sure is nice, though.

One of the things I love best about Scottsdale is the food.  We eat so well there.  My friend Sarah introduced me to Postino on my last trip and I had to go back this time after dreaming about their bruschetta board for a year:

Um, yes. 

I think Arizona is gorgeous in May.  It might get a bad rap for being all brown and tan and pink the rest of the year, but in May everything is wild with color.  We were surrounded by blooms.

And I discovered that an NA beer + lemonade cocktail at the pool tastes almost as good as the real thing.

Let's fast forward to Monday night, when I got home.  Late night photos...

day 11 - doors on!

Cabinet Doors!

day 11 - secretary done

A painted secretary!

day 11 - doors on!

I love that Carl the Painter talked me into going black with the secretary.  He did a rub-back on the edges.  And the pulls!  And knobs!  Ack!  I was freaking out.  I can't believe how far this has come in two weeks.

day 11 - doors on!

And, since there is no rest for the weary...

we hit the ground running yesterday (Tuesday) morning with granite installation...! 

day 14 - granite

Today we have a plumber coming to hook up the kitchen sink, which will be nice.  Here's praying that goes off without a hitch.  The whole rinsing-plates-in-the-powder-room-gig sounds more fun than it really is.   And I'm honestly worried that I any minute I'm going to pour out a sippy cup of old milk down the drainless sink by mistake.  Yikes. 

We're on the home stretch.  It feels good.  And I'm thrilled that, so far, it is coming together just as I saw it in my little noggin.  Whew.  Big sigh of relief.



Sarah :: greenclogs

ooh! pretty granite!

I'm sad I missed your trip this year (although I'm not sad to be out of AZ). Next time, come to Portland! We have lots of color in May. :)

Ladona Blanchard

Wow, Chris! It is beautiful!


holy moly... i don't know which i love more, the kitchen or the bruschetta board. can i get a detailed breakdown of said bruschetta board?!?


Oh my goodness, I don't know which I'm more jealous of, the kitchen or the vacation. They both look amazing. I am loving the detail on the bar. Just lovely! Can't wait to see more.


Chris, the Reno came out beautifully...and the secretary is a little gem. Congrats!


The trip looks like it was fabulous. And the kitchen? Well, it's fabulous too.


Is there a "I'm drooling" button around here someplace? The bruschetta looks amazing and your kitchen is gorgeous!


t is a beautiful time of year here. Next time I will have to meet you for lunch. I don't *know* you, but we have Sarah in common


Wow! Your kitchen looks amazing. They have done a great job. Your weekend away sounds divine. Lovely blue skies and the pool looks so inviting. Jacinta

amy h

That bruschetta looks awesome. And so does your kitchen! I like the sanded edges on the desk.


Beautiful! Oh and the kitchen looks nice too... ;)

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Dalai Lina

It looks amazing! I love it all!


GREEN with envy! Gorgeous kitchen, gorgeous vacation. And you deserve all of it, sweet lady!

pretty momma

I can't wait for coffee at your house when it's all done!!! I love it!!! Your vision is turning out beautifully!

Lisa Clarke

Wow, it's really coming along. Love the black secretary!


love it! The contrast of the secretary is perfect!

Laundry Room Cabinets

Good Combination of granite with white kitchen cabinets..!!

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