{ the kitchen } day 3: new uppers!
{ the kitchen } days 5 -7: paint and shelves

{ the kitchen } day 4: more trimwork

Okay... so... day four!  Not as dramatic a transformation as yesterday, but they can't all be.  Today saw the addition of crown molding and additional trim around the bar.

day 4: more trimwork


I have to say I feel like I've been blessed with contractors.  They've been prompt and courteous and work hard. My folks had a few projects done on their house when I was in high school and I remember it dragging on forever.  This feels like hyper-speed!  Which is 100% okay, really.  Having a kitchen displaced while little ones are running about and needing several meals a day isn't the easiest thing to manage.  It's like we are ripping off a bandaid around here, and we are mid-rip... but we are almost there and it's going to be fantastic.  :)


Tomorrow the painter is coming back and we will see the first coat of paint go on the cabinet boxes. As excited as I was about the primer, watching the creamy real stuff go up there will be even better.  It's killing me not to see the doors and drawers at this point... I'm sure they are already painted and awaiting another step of the process... but it will be next week before they make it back over here. 

For now, I'm going to tidy up the kitchen for the last time today, restack my pantry items on the dining room table.  I'm tired.  No naps for mama this week!  And no chance it slowing down any time soon!




it's fantastic. {& I love that you still have decorations up top of that one cabinet despite the paint flinging about!}


Oh my goodness, Chris, it's not too much at all. That's the best wainscoting I've seen, EVER!!!!


Wow, your kitchen is coming along beautifully. It looks great already and I'm sure it will be amazing when finished. Jacinta


The kitchen looks beautiful! Hope you have a great weekend where you can relax a little bit.


I love it already!


It's looking great - what a transformation!

Dalai Lina

Looking good!

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