{ the kitchen } day 2: demo!
{ the kitchen } day 4: more trimwork

{ the kitchen } day 3: new uppers!

Day 3 of the whirlwind kitchen reno! 

day 3: new uppers, trim and priming

This morning, the cabinets arrived and were installed.  I think they are going to work out nicely, indeed. 

day 3: new uppers, trim and primer

The painter wasted no time and primed everything... the existing cabinet boxes, too, so I am starting to see how it's all going to come together.  Removing the dark stain from my kitchen lightened it up ten-fold.  Even though it's only primer, I'm still digging it.

day 3: new uppers, trim and priming

The outside of the bar is getting some special treatment.  My builder is eager to cover up as much of the plywood as possible (I can't imagine why), so tomorrow he is going to add some additional pieces that will give this a raised panel look.  He'll also be installing crown molding and baseboards. 

The countertop lady came by today, so at some point I'll be going to a granite yard to pick out My Slab.  Word on the street is one vendor is liquidating some seriously high end stuff, so maybe I'll end up with something super cool.  Who knows? 

It's all terribly exciting and fast.  Did I mention how fast this is going?  Three days ago we looked like this:

kitchen before: west wall

Yes, I am officially freaking out.  In the very best way.

Thanks for joining me on this thrill ride!  xo



Love, love, love...Oh, that bar is coming out so nicely.


on the edge of my seat + green with envy.


it's crazy how bright it is! What a difference. It's beautiful already!


wow! transformation! can't wait to see what day 4 brings.

Lisa Clarke

Oh, so bright!!

Dalai Lina

That has already made a HUGE difference. I love it!


Wow, huge difference already! Very exciting stuff.


Chris, your kitchen already looks 100% brighter than it did before, I can't wait to see the finished result. I have plans to makeover my kitchen cabinets (myself I think), could you ask your contractors if they used a special primer for the cabinet boxes please?

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