{ pause }
{ easing back in } sewing again

{ un-pause }

{Fidget always says 'un-pause' instead of 'play.'  I think it's cute.}

Well.  That was a nice long break. 

basil, parsley & new kitchen samples.

We happened to run into some friends last night while we were out for a long-overdue dinner date, and blogging came up.  My friend, Lina, has a fun blog of her own that is chock full of healthy living tips and daily life humor that goes along with having four kids.  Talking about blogging made me miss it. Enough to pop in today and check in with the world.  Hi.

I have enjoyed my time away.  I haven't felt the pressure (and why is there pressure?  That's so silly.) to blog, or to create something so I could talk about it.  I have watched movies and read books and taken lots of naps while the littlest one napped as well.  I kind of took a break from my camera and the need to document stuff all the time. 

And I had a little secret.

We're expecting again(!) and I really, really, really felt horrible.  So, while I dealt the hormones and the nausea and the motion sickness and the exhaustion, I pretty much anchored the couch to the living room floor and kept up with the world on my iphone.


And I finally felt good enough to go out to dinner last night. Hooray!

(Now that I'm not wallowing in my crappiness, I am beginning to get excited about little #4.  A fourth girl?  Or a first boy?  No telling. We'll be finding out in a few weeks, though.  Crazy.)

At any rate, I feel better and am starting to look around the house for stuff to do.  The sunshine and warmer temps are energizing.  The kitchen remodel is underway. (As in, most things have been picked out and the people are lined up and we are ready to move on this thing. Finally.) There are some slipcover projects that I have been meaning to tackle.  And we will have a bedroom shuffle to manage, so there are new bedroom projects as well. 

to be slipcovered

Today I am going to tackle this chair.  I've been meaning to for a while.  The old slipcover was linen and was so worn that it tore -- right across the seat -- last November.  I've been letting it sit around sans cover for a bit and now it is covered with the markings left behind by grimy fingers and little wet washcloths.  Lovely. The new fabric is an unbleached canvas that I've already washed and dried, so it should be nice and practical.  This chair gets lots of use.

The sunshine in the kitchen is so wonderful that I'm going to bring the sewing machine up from my basement studio and work in here.  I cannot justify sitting in the basement on a gorgeous first day of spring like this.

Have a nice week, friends.  Happy Spring!
miss chris



Awwww, congratulations! I will (selfishly) be hoping you have a boy, because I know you could make some fantastic boy stuff! :)


happy spring my friend. I just know it'll treat you beautifully. Am excited to see you work over that kitchen...and I'll be looking forward to hearing more about that fourth babe. Hugs from CO. Miss you!

Sarah :: greenclogs

Yay!! I'm glad you're finally feeling better, friend. xoxo


congrats to you!

chris carleton


Thank you!  A boy would be such a curve ball around here.. hee.


chris carleton

Thank you, friend!  Oh, the kitchen... Im so excited and terrified. Miss you, too!

xo, c.

chris carleton


Thank you!  Me too... what a relief.  xo


Oh con-grat-yoo-lay-tions!!!!

amy h

I'm glad you are starting to feel better! Embrace that 2nd trimester.


Congratulations! Glad you are feeling better and back in the blogosphere.

chris carleton

Thanks, Amy!  Its crazy how much better you can feel practically overnight.  :) 


yay! wow, that is exciting! glad you're feeling better!

(and your title made me think of dwight from the office (season 3?) 'Shun. Un-shun.')


Fun to hear from you again. And, CONGRATULATIONS! What fabulous news. :) I'm very excited for you and your family!

chris carleton

@ Kirsten:
That is hilarious!  yes, it is kind of like that!  Dwight makes me giggle. 
And thank you!  Its very exciting.


I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better :) Happy to have you back!!

chris carleton

Thanks, hon! I feel like a new woman. Whew. :)


Congratulations! such happy news and I'm glad that first trimester crappyness has lifted.


so glad to see you here my friend and congratulations on your wonderful news!! can't wait to find out what you are having!!!!!


so happy that you are feeling better and glad that the cat is out of the bag...i was bursting!


What wonderful news! (I'll put in my two cents for a boy child. ;o))

How nice to "see" you again. Your top photo is making me want to head outside and plant herbs in my garden RIGHT NOW.


chris carleton

Thank you!  Its been the hardest secret to keep.  :) xo

chris carleton


Me too, on both counts!  xo

chris carleton


I have no idea what Id do with a boy. Good thing a have friends who do, right?  ;) 
As for the herbs... I couldnt help but buy them fresh, but Im ready to plant!  Come on, spring!

Catherine Denton

What a fun reason to take a break. Well, the baby I mean, not the sickness. :D Congratulations!
My Blog

Wendy Simmons

oh yay!! a baby!! congratulations. was thrilled to see you back.


Well yay-congrats! I keep hearing about new siblings on the way - hope your pregnancy goes great from here on out. :)


That's great news, congratulations, and welcome back to blog-land, I missed your voice!


Congratulations on the baby news... how wonderful!

Alicia A.

Hooray! The news is out.

I hope your energy returns full force any day now.



Yeah! Congratulations on #4. And it is nice to have you back...

Katherine of Kitten's Lost Her Mittens

Congratulations! That's such exciting news. And good to have you back blogging!


happy you are feeling beter. and wishing you congratulations! xo


so happy the cat is out of the bag and that you're feeling better. xo




Congratulations!! Found your blog in the Artful Blogging mag...love Somerset mags.
Your post on N'Orleans great..isn't it fun and beautiful? The food is sooooo amazing.
Pinkpicketfence is a cool name..so pretty.
Glad I found you, and good luck with the kitchen!

Smiles and Blessings,


well, hello and oh my gosh!!!! :) so very happy for you...these are exciting times, indeed. :)



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