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First of all, thank you all for the kind words of congratulations and well wishes after my last post. This girl is feeling pretty relieved that the cat is out of the bag. I am still quite freaked out about the logistics involved with three in carseats, but everything will work out. Right?

At any rate, thank you. :)

Also, I promise not to turn this into a pregnancy blog. My goal over the next several months is to create and do and make and enjoy. I couldn't be happier that spring has sprung right as I'm coming out of my funk; it feels like one giant celebration every time the sun pops out. Happy! Sunshine! Birds! Flowers! Sandals!  It's all good.

So.  After one of the longest breaks I have ever taken from my trusty old machine, I tackled my chair last weekend with a new slipcover. The little girls were out of town last weekend, so I had no pressure of schedules and commitments (and no longer felt tethered to the sofa!), and a full two days to get productive.  It felt really good to make something again. 

the original slipcover

We bought this chair a few years ago.  One of the things I liked about it was that it came with a slipcover.  A zipper-free, all-right-angles, easy-to-duplicate slipcover.  I had grand plans of making seasonal covers -- a smoky velvet for winter, a crisp white linen for spring and summer, and maybe something special for the holidays, if I wanted to get really crazy.

machine topstitch

Well, four years later, I finally got off my duff and made one.  After seeing how the original linen slipcover wore, I decided that wasn't probably the best choice for this busy chair again, so I went with unbleached canvas. 

sewing again - slipcover

Since the old one was torn and unusable, I was able to use it as a pattern.  I cut off each peice and pinned it back on to the chair as a reference for how it went together. This proved to be very important, as so many of the pieces were so similar. Then I took one piece off at a time and cut a matching piece (plus seam allowance) from the canvas.


I spent some time figuring out the order in which I needed to assemble this thing, but once that became obvious, the rest went quickly.  I am kicking myself that it didn't get tackled years ago.  And now that I do have the pattern pieces cut, there is no reason that my original plans of chair 'clothes' can't happen. Should my chair have her own closet? :)

sewing again - slipcover

The one thing I hadn't planned on is how all the crinkles and imperfections show when you aren't using a print like the original slipcover.  Maybe it's just because I made it and I see all the tiny misalignments, but going with a solid really draws attention to the lines rather than the whole... but I'm going with 'hey, it's a slipcover, it isn't going to be perfect anyway,' and leave it at that.

front view

Also, it is not yet hemmed at the bottom.  I got that far and mama needed a rest.  After nearly two months of inactivity, I'd gotten more accomplished than I expected, and took a break.  Maybe I'll finish that this afternoon during naps.

What about you?  Do you have a slipcover project you've been putting off?  What's keeping you from starting?

Thanks again for stopping by and saying hello last week.  I've missed this space.  xoxo

ps:  it's finished!  Hooray!




Your idea of "easing back in" is a slipcover? wow! It looks great and I love love love the little pillow. I have a thrifted wingback chair that needs a slipcover thanks to two scratching cats, but I'm scared to tackle that. And lazy.

Auntie Kim

Looks awesome sis!

Ladona Blanchard

Apparently I missed the post about baby #3! Exciting! I love the chair, it looks great.

chris carleton

@Lori: well, it really did need attention. And I thought it would be a quick and dirty project. (Which it was... Even though it took all weekend! Ha.) Lets see how long it is before I hem it. ;) xo

Katherine of Kitten's Lost Her Mittens

It looks great! Glad you had a productive weekend.


Looks great Chris! We have a chair with a seasonal pillow case (4 seasons and 3 holidays= 7). I couldn't imagine how much I'd love a chair. If you have the time, you should totally do it and I'll live vicariously through you. Please, please, do. I love the patten of the original linen, it would be beautiful in the fall. Too bad it didn't wear well. Good to know about fabrics and popular chairs. I have an ottoman to cover. Glad you're back : )

Catherine Denton

So pretty! I have a couch I'd love to slipcover.


t looks fantastic. I am impressed. I currently want to make some pillows for the chairs at our kitchen table. I am very much still in the thinking about camp.


Love it! And, yes your chair should most certainly have clothes. Because, well, why not?

Dalai Lina

I'm so glad you are out of the fog :) I loved seeing you last week!

Alicia A.

I think it looks great!

And yes. Unfortunately I need to make a new slipcover for the world's longest couch. I've washed the first one so many times that it's starting to fray at the edges. Boo. I am NOT looking forward to it.


Awww, congrats on your pregnancy. I bet your house is teeming with girl power! : )
LOVE the chair and the slipcover, you did an awesome job! Very elegant. Keep the good stuff coming.


oh. my. goodness. I totally missed your announcement. Congratulations, you lovely thing! I'm so excited for you!!


way to go! now i want to get to my many slipcover projects (always). First up is a chair for my bedroom. It is my goal to get my bedroom finished by the fall...I MUST!!

chris carleton

Beki: you know I had you in mind when I asked that, didnt you??! I can only imagine what gorgeousness you have planned for your master. Ive got two more parsons chairs to cover... Not very exciting. xo


Gosh, I wish I could do this. I love the last picture so much! beautiful!

amy h

It looks great -- pretty close to perfect, I'd say! I don't have any slipcovers waiting, but I do have 9 dining chairs in need of new seat upholstery. I even have the fabric (but not the foam+batting). They've been waiting a loooong time.


go you! it looks fantastic!
i've got headboards to upholster and then bedskirts to make. those count as slip covers right? ;)


Great blog. Love the photos.


Great job on the recovering of the seat! Love how it turned out.

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