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new orleans new year
Our spur of the moment New Orleans trip was wonderful.  I am very fortunate that hubs likes to do all of our travel planning.  I usually just have to show up with the right clothes, a camera and an appetite.  In his alternate parallel universe, he is a travel agent.  A really good one.

new orleans new year

The choice of city was rather logical: warmer than Kansas City, direct flight, fairly inexpensive seats, no car rental necessary, good food, live music, friends nearby.  Hello, New Orleans. 

new orleans new year

Having not been since the ripe old age of 6, and only hearing friends' tales of college trips and mardi gras,  I really wasn't sure what to expect.  I am not a crowd person.  And, somewhere along the way, I have become considered the safe, conservative, prudish mama of my set.  I'm still not sure where that came from.  At any rate, you can imagine what I imagined.  Ahem.

But I really did love it.

decked out and gorgeous, NOLA shop

It was beautiful.  I Love how the South dresses for the holidays.


new orleans new year

Dramatic.  The ironwork and architecture kept stopping me.  Crazy, crazy cool.  Oh, and I have never seen so many chandeliers.  It was sparkle heaven.

2 of 4 hotel monteleone lobby chandeliers

Moody. I loved the raw character and muted tone of the still weathered homes in the city.

you can't fake this

Delicious.  Um.  These fit over my wrist.  I have photos of that, too.

new orleans 2010

the color the color the color.

Colorful.  Oh, glory, the color.

new orleans new year

Entertaining.  I should have had more photos of the music. 

new orleans new year

Surprising.  Warm.  Damp.  The rooftop of this building cracks me up.

yes, that is mossy stuff, growing from the housetop.  Three stories up.

Fun.  The St Charles Trolley ride was the perfect morning trip through gorgeous old neighborhoods.

St Charles Street Trolley

From the trolley

Delicious.  It is more delicious than I can even handle.  I wanted to eat all the time.  My appetite is only now returning.  I am not kidding.

Mr B's cream puff dessert.  Oy.Luxe.  They do not do understated.

new orleans new year

Rich with Music.

new orleans 2010and History.

jackson square

And there is a lot of walking. The French Quarter is small, yes.  But you can walk for miles in an afternoon, tripping between antique shops and restaurants and landmarks.  I should have brought better walking shoes.  ( I did luck out on day 2 and bought some aerosole boots on Magazine Street at a   Buffalo Exchange.  It was a little pricey for secondhand, but I figure the rent is pretty steep next to Urban Outfitters and all.  Also picked up a sweet pair of red suede Red Cross shoes for $13!  Adorable.)

antiques shops galore on Royal
Perhaps the best part was that we were lucky to meet up with some friends.  Hubs has a work buddy down there and he arranged to meet us with his wife for a ridiculously fun and scrumptious dinner at K Paul's on the 30th. (The blackened drum is insane.  Also, the fried green tomatoes.  Yum.) 

new orleans 2010

Later, the four of us joined Beki and her husband for Dr John live at Tipatina's.  (WOW.)   I felt so lucky enough to see her again so soon after our Seattle trip, and I have plans to visit again this spring....

the fountain at pat-o's

Oh, and the peoplewatching?  Stellar. 

(End of part one. I swear, part 2 isn't as long. Will recommence with the crafting before long. If I don't write this down now, I never will!)




rachel | buttons magee

oh that looks like such a terrific trip! I haven't been since college- it would be nice to go again as an adult.


have never been. you made it all look so fantastic! glad you had such a great time!


I think we saw all the same sights on our trip. The people watching, oh my. Yes, it is quite the place.


Wow...what a beautiful, interesting & fun place! Your pictures are wonderful & make me want to go! Can't wait for part 2! xo


Gosh, it just looks so magical. I really hope I make it to America one day.


I've got to get there one of these days...


I loved New Orleans. We did the walking tour, which was fantastic since I do enjoy the history of the place. The food was exceptional. The only thing I regret is that I heard about Bignets when we were on the way out of town!!!

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