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{ staying in } snow day

According to our local weather guru, Kansas City has been in the bullseye of the last four winter weather systems and we are gearing up for a fifth.

snow day

As of today we have hit 17 inches for the season, which is a lot for us.  It is also strange because my sister, just 2.5 hours south of me, has only had four.   At least it's snow and not ice.  Ice scares the cookies out of me. 

At any rate, this has been the daily grind around these parts lately.  Sofa cushion forts and all day jammies.  Warm fires, hot drinks and random stuff everywhere. 

Today the kiddos are in school again, so I have been using some time to freshen things up.  The cabin fever hits mama, too; but it is usually of the variety that makes me want to undo everything and start all over again.  At this point, I want to haul all of it to goodwill and start fresh.  Of course, that isn't going to happen, but my cupboards sure are getting a good cleaning!

Stay warm, my friends.  xoxo



We've had everything... snow, ice, rain.. it's all so icky. I hate ice more than anything and I'm convinced I'm going to fall and crack my head any day now. I don't even know how much snow we've had altogether, suffice to say I'm more than ready for Spring!

But it's not all bad... I've been holed up in my studio :)


hope you have an easy go for the rest of the winter.
i purged right after christmas. i knew the clutter and being in this space would get to me. so far so good.


I wish my house looked as lovely clean as yours does "messy!"


What a lovely space! I call that chair in the corner with the ottoman....


I feel like I have been attacking my house with a vengeance, too, but strangely with five little ones constantly underfoot, it doesn't look much different. Oh well.

I heart your living room! So pretty!


i would kill for a livingroom like that :-)
i think it looks lovely... whites and aqua and brown? what could be better? ;-)


Ah...what I would give for just four inches of snow. We've had over 125 inches so far this winter and we have two months left!!


It's amazing how kids bounce off the walls so quickly. Our LR tends to have far more stuff even though we have a play room. Why do toys travel???

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