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tea time

Oh, how this year has come at me with gusto.

2010 turned out to be one of adventure and friendships.  I stepped out of my comfort zone and traveled a bit more... made real life connections with friends I have known online for years. Contributed to a book.  Submitted to a magazine.  Learned to crochet!  (Shoot, it was even the year I decided to give hot oatmeal another try and liked it for the first time ever. It is really delicious. I am dealing with my texture issues, apparently.)  I made more of an effort to handwrite notes and actually send them.  It was a good year.  A very, very good year.

The first week of 2011 has been chock full of people and places and food and making and presents and friends and celebrations, and it has all been wonderful. However, I'll admit am hoping for a big snow day tomorrow so I have a perfect excuse to just nix the ortho, dance class and bookclub commitments and spend the day in before I wear myself out already.  :)

I recently pulled my fancy china teacups out from safe-keeping and have decided to use them everyday.  My Grammy started a small collection for me as birthday presents for a few years and I have seven or so.  They are light and delicate and make the most delicious sound when the cup rests back in the safety of the little dish.  It seems to help me sit down and savor things a bit more.  So many times I brew really good coffee or tea and don't even remember drinking the mug or travel cup. 

To everyone's surprise I am putting them in the top rack of my dishwasher.  The gold paint may lift and they may chip, but the wear and tear won't bother me.  They do no good sitting up in a shelf where I can't see them and appreciate their beauty and usefulness. I'm pretty sure Grammy would approve. 

To sit and enjoy a cup.  There is something so simple and gratifying about that.

To 2011, friends.  xo


Alicia A.

yes, yes. a good idea.


I agree - a very good idea! And I love that teacup...I hope to see more of your collection!


Good...pretty cups like those are meant to be used!


happy new year! sounds like the perfect start! (i like the teacup sound too)


smart move!
and again, thank you for making the effort. i really enjoyed our visit - just wish it would have been much much longer.


Nice post. I love it. Waiting your new posts. Thank you...


sounds good to me :)


Lovely! And I agree! To sit and enjoy a cup is wonderful indeed! (in fact I just posted on this last week with a slightly different take :))


Hooray for you! If we are not deserving of our very best, then who is?


May we all have a wonderful 2011!

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