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{ popping in } Happy New Year!

It seems like it has been forever since I stopped in here to share anything. We have been busy enjoying time with family and making the most of this holiday season. I hope you have been, too.

Hubs and I took a little last minute trip to New Orleans for New Years Eve. I had never been to the Big Easy as an adult, nor gone to a NYE party where I could get all gussied up.

Monteleone Lobby sparkles<>

We stayed in the French Quarter and enjoyed people watching and eating and music and shopping and all of the Crazy that makes it so fun. I now have an iPhone full of fun photos to share and lots of new favorite foods. (And a few days off from eating, I think. Oh my butter!)

Happy new year, friends!

I have lots of exciting ideas for 2011, too. Here's to a great new year! xoxo, misschris



happy new year to you! what a fun get-away!

Sarah :: greenclogs

Happy new year! I do love New Orleans. xo


Hey! Happy New Year! We went to NOLA for our fall '09 vacation. Did you try the Beignets and coffee at Cafe Du Monde? French Quarter is beautiful. I bet it was truly wild and crazy last night! And, yes great food!


oops, sorry that was our fall '10 vacation!


happy, happy new year! yay for you two to take a trip grown-up/gussied up trip to one of the most fabulous places to be found. :)
even though we live so close, we have only ever braved new orleans on new year's eve once. it was the perfect 'once' though, as wade asked me to marry him the next day!
p.s. i just saw that you and beki got to meet up and spend some time together, too...lucky ducks! xxx


urg...apparently i think i am too good for previewing a comment before i post it.
that should have been, "yay for you two to take a grown-up/gussied up trip".
sorry! maybe my new year's resolution should be to 'preview' my comments?


Happy New Year! What a fun evening!


what a great way to end the year! here's to 2011 and meeting face to face!!!


happy new year chris!

i hope to see you in person more this year! :-)


Thanks for the photo, brings back great memories of a week in Nawlins way back before my hubs and I had our 3 kids!


Happy New Year! I was so happy to get to spend some time with you :) Can you believe we didn't get any photos? What's wrong with us...too many cocktails??


Happy New Year Chris!

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