{ staying in } snow day
{ un-pause }

{ pause }

I think it is time for me to take a little break here at the fence.  My real life world, it seems, needs my more immediate attention these days and I'd rather push the Pause button than publish hastily written posts with so-so photos every once in a while. 


I'll being working on the kitchen as well as some other little projects around the house. I'm not really feeling the sewing thing right now, which is very odd for me. I do have a granny square afghan in the works, though, so my hands have something creative to work on at night. Am I ever so thankful to have picked up crochet last fall!

I'm not sure if this means a week or a month of two months or whatever. I will be back, because I never can seem to stay away.  I just want to take the pressure off myself for now.  Until then...




okay missy, i'll have to check in on you...


best of wishes with those little projects. Make some smiles during your break, m'kay? x's & o's...


xo my friend. I so understand. And yes, I'm thankful for the crochet too.


There's nothing wrong with shuffling around the ol' list of priorities! Good for you! I’m proud of you, girl! xo


Looking forward to your return!
Have a wonderful break, can't wait to hear about and see your kitchen! xo


enjoy your break! your granny squares are looking awesome.

amy h

Enjoy your time away. Er, maybe "enjoy" isn't the right word -- be less stressed at least? The grannies look great. I will make that afghan someday. Someday! I will probably be 85 years old. :)


Have a wonderful time! Rest from the things you feel tired of and do something your heart feels like doing right now!
Will be waiting for you to come back!:)


sending good thoughts for your upcoming projects! and a little evening crochet sounds perfect! xx


Love those colors!


It's a smart lady who knows what to do at the right time. kiss kiss.


I love that you're pausing. Way to take the pressure off yourself. :) We'll miss you and we will look forward to your return.


I know exactly what you mean. We'll be waiting...

Dalai Lina

I'll miss you!


Love the colours! Can't wait to see the completed piece!

Alicia A.

email me if you need to take the pressure off in a "drive into the city for a couple of drinks" kind of way. ;)

pretty momma

xoxo....nuff said

Liz Bradley

I think you should take as much time off as needed. Believe me when I say I understand! That has so much more meaning than you will ever understand!
However, I just found u because of artful blogging. It was a wonderful article, and I adore your blog.


alright, even i have been blogging. hope you are back soon!

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