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As soon as I said 'this year I'm not going to commit to making any gifts', Fidget reminded me that I always make aprons for her teachers.  Always.  And the thing is, the teachers at her school know this.  Miss Jane might already be expecting one.  I don't know.  (She might be dreading it.)

At any rate, Christmas Teacher Apron 2010, is done and ready to wrap. I added a bit of tif's dottie angel styling to the pocket and used some vintage crochet trim on the bottom.  The pocket itself is made from a piece of an old eyelet bedskirt.  It is one of my favorite items in my stash.  So many, many uses.

I have also been finagled into making crocheted hair clips for Fidgie's friends.  That girl.  She can be awfully convincing, especially when she is talking about giving handmade... Fortunately those little crochet flowers whip up quickly whilst snuggling in front of a movie under a giant patchwork afghan. ;)

Happy weekending, friends!
miss chris

ps: and also... if you haven't yet seen this delightful little movie featuring tif, her mossy shed, and the chickens, treat yourself to 3 minutes of happy.  You'll be glad you did.  xoxo

pps: there is also still time to sign up for the W O R D giveaway -- midnight tonight (12/17)!



Smashing! (and how much did I love looking back at your old apron entries and seeing ACE's baby as the next post? a lot!) I had high hopes for some yo-yo hair clips. It still might happen. maybe.


I love it! I am planning on making aprons for my hostess gifts for my wedding showers. Who doesn't love a pretty apron? :)


love this apron!


I've never wanted to be a teacher, but I'd make an exception if it meant getting one of those!


What a great gift! Makes my coffee cozy idea want to be changed to an apron!


what pattern do you use for your aprons?

chris carleton

Jesse, you know, I dont really use a pattern at all.  Its a bunch of rectangles that I dont even measure!  I hang them in front of me and guess the length and width and everything.  Maybe a tute would be helpful??

xo chri

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