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{ making do } thrifted skirt holiday pillow

December always comes flying at us -- like everyone -- with a list of things to do and places to be and rehearsals and functions and wishlists and hopes and anxieties.  It's all with the very best of intentions, too.  We've started our week here with a reminder to slow down, check our priorities and take care of each other.  Everyone at the house is at various stages of some ailment, and today the littlest one is getting is the worst.  I say that, but hubs is at the doc for the flu, so maybe it's a toss up.

Anyway, I'm keeping my spirits up (take that, bronchitis!) and am thankful that it is all hitting us now and not in a few weeks when we have family in town and lots to celebrate.  We may be miserable, but we are all in this together and we'll be better before long.

The ick certainly brings holiday prep to a screaching halt, though, doesn't it?  It's really ok.  Those priorities I mentioned earlier?  I have them fully engaged and my heart is full. 

However, with a few minutes to spare this afternoon (courtesy of a schedule conflict and priority shift), I have a few minutes to sneak in and share a little holiday pillow I made last week from a thrifted skirt and shirt.  It was quick and dirty -- I didn't even make it as a cover, as I usually do.  Just sewed it together and stuffed it closed.  And then I realized it needed something, so I added a little stitchery.


Last night we went to the Christmas Cantata at our church.  (I have three talented friends who sing!  I so wish I could join them.)  Before the performance, there were some slides shown up front. 

Joy is... Dancing. Joy is... Singing.  Joy is..Love. 
Peace is... Joy at Rest. 

I loved that.  Peace is joy at rest.  So true!

Anyway, I'm not 100% sure I love the pillow (could be the ruffles that are throwing me off), but I do love that when I pass through the living room, I have a subtle reminder to exhale and savor it all.  Even the icky stuff.  Extra snuggles, you know.  Soup.  And popsicles for breakfast. 

I'm hoping you and yours are doing well or making it through whatever ick has thwarted your to-do lists... snuggles and all. 

Take care, friends.  I'm wishing you some Peace this holiday season. 
miss chris

ps:  I also finished the afghan I started in September on my dottie angel weekend in Seattle.  She's already in full use and I do love that I completed something our family can use.. perhaps she is worthy of her own post though.  Soon, perhaps.  xo




Love the pillow! Really love the Peace is Joy at rest....
Feel better and happy holidays!

Sarah :: greenclogs

Love that. I keep reminding myself to just slow down. And I think those slides need to be a cross stitch sampler.


oh, how i needed this! thank you.
peace is joy at rest. LOVE that.

pretty momma

we miss you...and totally gonna copy that pillow xoxo


Joy at rest. So very true.

Feel better.


Love the afghan. I wondered if I had missed a post about it. :) Christmas is looking beautiful at your house. Glad you're enjoying it in the midst of the ick.


You thrift like no other. The pillow is adorable. Certainly, hope for a very quick recovery...Take the time to enjoy some peaceful Christmas moments.

kate k

i love the pillow!...and i'm not a ruffly person either...it's just so happy and pretty...esp with the red letters....beautiful!...hope you are all feeling better soon...


I love what you do with thrifted fabric. Sorry about the illness but better now than in two weeks. Take care of yourself and your beautiful family.

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