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{ holiday } anthropologie inspired crochet garland

When I was in Austin, Jade and I made a stop downtown at Anthropologie before heading on to the airport.  The window dressing is always something to ooh and aah over, and this time was no exception. 

And what to my wondering eyes did appear, but crochet in the form of garland!  Garland itself!  Brilliant.

anthro garland

Without haste (and certainly without any know-how) I took my seat on the aisle, whipped out my hook and started making some mantel garland of my own.  I'm quite sure the girl next to me thought I was about to start the widest blanket ever.  I kept her guessing.

crochet chain garland

I never got any fancier than a simple loose chain on a 5.5mm hook, but I like them all the same.  I think they'd be lovely in all sorts of colors, draping a tree. 

crochet chain garland



I spy... some Elf feet! & that makes me giggle. :) I love this idea {especially since I'm a terrible crocheter. (Is that even a word?) What did you use for the stripe in between the two mantel moldings? Is that paint or a ribbon??


I did this with my son a few years ago. He loves to crochet garland! :)

chris carleton

@Stacy: Ha! Yes, elf feet! Hes been resting all day.

The stripe is a previous owners builder upgrade that I am quite sure is a fancy veneer strip. Im guessing you could totally fake that. Esp you! xoxo

Somewhere Called Home

Simple and gorgeous! Love it!


Yup, I love it!


Simple and lovely! It looks great.


I think yours looks better than theirs. ;)


so cute! i'll bet my daughter would love to make this!


I've totally had crochet garlands on my brain lately. I like how you did multiple strands. Pretty!


That is so cute... maybe I need to dig around for that old crochet hook!


very, very cute!


Oh my. I don't even know how to crochet and I'm thinking I could totally manage that. Hmmm... How many things can I add to the crafting brain?? :o)

UK lass in US

What a great idea - you've made me feel like breaking out the kid's spool knitters and setting them to work...


Those are beautiful! I like the all white chains...I might have to make some of them!


Oh my gosh! I LOVE it!!! I think I have to follow suit and make some too - thank you for the inspiration! love, love, love it....Eva xo

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