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Our family's elf-on-the-shelf, Sandy, has been busy presiding over the house since Thanksgiving, taking note of good and bad behaviors and reporting back to Santa every night.  I honestly wish we could have Sandy come stay with us all year long, as the mere mention of his name quickly turns otherwise normal children into little angels.  I have never heard the words, "sure, mommy" and "oops, I mean, please..."  and "that's ok" quite so readily spoken in these parts.

Sandy, I do believe I have a crush on you.  (Even if you are only a 9-inch felt doll that makes me feel inadequate sometimes.)


At any rate, since he is held in such high regard around our house and this is a special time of year, I asked Sandy this morning if he would care to reveal the name of our giveaway winner. 

And the random integer internet gods have spoken!

Congratulations, Kirsten (December 15, 2010 at 10:20 AM), you have won a copy of W O R D!  I'll contact you directly for additional info later today.

It was fun to read how many of you had specific memories of polaroids as children.  I do remember the thrill of the Instant Photo and the Waving of the Picture and the Awe as we watched those images slowly appear.  It was so very very cool.  I'm so excited to see Jen's book for myself and hold it in my hands!

Here's hoping your holiday countdown isn't too crazy this week.  I have family coming into town to stay with us starting on Wednesday, so we are scurrying about getting last minute things together.  I'm going to remember to stop and sit and enjoy it all.  Breathe it in.  The people, the rush, the food, the laughter, the excitement, the twinkly lights, the celebration itself.  It's all good stuff and it fills my heart. 

happy monday, friends!
miss chris


Auntie Kim

Don't forget the tip-- Putting the picture over your heart to help it develop a wee bit faster. :)

chris carleton

Lol! Sis, I forgot about that one!!!


I've been wanting an instant polaroid just so I can be taken back to all those times we waited for the picture to develop! Love it! And love our elf too... Jingle Bell Sparkle!


Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas Chris! Our elf is also very loved in this house. The sad thing is that I forget to move him in the night and then he has to magically move in the daytime...ha! I just told Nissa that he likes to be a goofy little elf.

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