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I've put on my elf hat and pointy shoes.


Thought I would share what our little friends will be unwrapping this year:  A little paperback book selected  just for them, topped with sweets: an oversized lollipop ($1, Target) and ringpop ($1 for 3, Target).  Fidge has given them the once-over and approved.  Phew. 

I've been putting that curcle cutter to good use, too... and the glitter.  Life is simply more festive with glitter, don't you think?  And it's lovely how the glitter likes to spread itself around the house once it has been invited to the party.  :)

 psst: one more day to enter the giveaway!



need to get those big lollipops!
love your happy wrapping... yes.. glitter makes everything good!


I love this!


I love those lollipops too - must make a special trip to Target!

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