{ thrifted } tiny happy gingerbread shakers
{ holiday } anthropologie inspired crochet garland

{ tutorial } festive candle cuffs

Are you ready to get your holiday crafting on?

I told hubs that I would not be stressing myself out this year with all the Making.  I am going to do a lot of shopping on Etsy.  I am going to set realistic goals.  It is so easy to get overwhelmed with making things.  I have this problem with thinking that since I can make xyz, it is my obligation to do so. 

Oh, the furious last minute late night sessions are fun, but I don't want to be disappointed with myself if I don't do it All.  This should be a time for celebration, not stress.  I need to keep telling myself that. 

So with that in mind, here's a quick and easy totally do-able, 5 minute project.  You can check off 'handmade' without also checking off every night of the week.  If you have your supplies ready, you can whip out several of these while watching Modern Family.

Just saying.


You will need:

Glass pillar jar candles (or just wide-mouth glass jars)
a strip of felt cut to wrap and overlap the jar, about a half inch
lace trim, also to overlap a bit
embroidery floss
spare buttons


Wrap the felt around the jar, pin it, and stitch it closed.  On some I used decorative stitches, but it doesn't really matter.  Also, you can slide the cuff off the jar to stitch if it's easier.


Take the lace trim and wrap it around the felt.  The friction of the felt should keep in place for you without pins and such.


Sew your button onto the cuff, making sure the embroidery floss goes through all the layers.  I didn't use any glue between the cuff and the jar-- or anywhere -- and they appear to sit tight just fine.  Also, this means you can always reuse these supplies later without too much hassle.  (Always a bonus in my book.)


Repeat on multiple jars and candles, mixing up your cuff widths, laces and buttons. 


I have already gifted two of my bigger ones and think I'll be rounding up some more for hostess gifts and friends.  Everyone likes an extra cozy candle, right?



What a marvelous idea!!! I can already envision a bunch of these in seasonal colors all around my house.


How Sweet!! Thank you, Miss Chris :)


Great idea! I especially like how you used red thread. I would have done the obvious deliberate match to the blue with silver or navy. Big mistake, yours has a nice punch of colour!

Sarah :: greenclogs

super cute of course! just like everything you do.


lovely !!!

Aunt Fashionista

I love mine!!! ;)

Patty Boyd

Cute! What a great idea.


Those are cute, and perfect for some felt scraps I have! And I was JUST thinking earlier today about the "I can make that" mentality that I need to just set aside sometimes. But really, these candle cuffs are getting added to the ever-growing list of Christmas decorations I want to make!


Those are seriously lovely. I'm feeling the need to join in.


great idea. They are very pretty.

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