{ baking } crazy easy pumpkin cookies
{ tutorial } festive candle cuffs

{ thrifted } tiny happy gingerbread shakers

So I was going to try and write a post about my weekend trip to Austin to see Jade and her clan, but she's already done a wonderful job on her own blog(Thank you, dear friend, for good conversation and such warm and comfy accomodations.  Your nest has that special touch that makes it hard to leave.  Hugs to you and yours this holiday season.  xoxo)

Yesterday, while Fidget visited her preschool for a quick Thankgiving feast, the one for which we made those delicious and easy cookies, I popped around the corner for a sprint through the thrift shop that is practically next door.   

thrifted gingerbread goodness

And there, wouldn't you know, sat this darling little pair of silver gingerbread salt and pepper shakers, awaiting a new home for a grand total of 75 cents.   They got a little polishing up this morning and are quite ready to party this holiday season.

On this Thanksgiving eve, I am so very thankful for all the blessings in my life.  Every year gets better, even when I think it cannot.  Friends and family and experience all roll up into one giant delicious cinnamon roll kind of goodness and I find my forearm bruised from all the pinching I do to make sure it's for real.  I hope you have days like that. I really, really do.

Wishing you and yours a safe and happy holiday weekend full of warm memories and yummy goodies.  Take care, friends!

miss chris


Shannon Woodruff

Miss Chris- I keep meaning to send you a pic of the darling grey dress. Alas, I may never get around to it. I wanted to show you what came in the post with it that day... a MiniBoden catalogue. Coincidence? Anyways, we are thankful for the dress. (Among many many many other things.) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! -Shannon Woodruff

Danielle Cee

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! What a find!


Happy day to you too! Don't ever etsy those sweet gingies. I'll buy them and pay for the shipping!

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