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On Friday morning I had a rather last minute appointment to have my upper wisdom teeth removed.  Two mornings later, I am feeling remarkably well.  Even better than before, really, as the left one had been giving me increased pain over the last two weeks and now, like magic, I have none. 

crochet!!!  and I'm not fouling it up!

The littles went to my in-laws for the weekend so that mommy could rest without too much guilt.  And I have.  It's been wonderful to sit in front of the tube and watch chick flicks and get that much closer to completing my dottie angel patchwork afghan.  It's going to be wonderful.

mini garland for a mini friend

I also took some time to finish up some hand sewing on a mini garland for a mini friend who is celebrating a birthday later this afternoon.  I can't wait to take photos of it in the proper space... am hoping it will be as darling as I have planned.  Am also hoping her mom doesn't mind that I took it into my own hands to add my touch on her daughter's new vintage inspired bedroom! 

the only pillow I made for erin's challenge

Last week was erin's pillow challenge.  I had grand plans of making 4, had 2 laid out, and made one.  Oh well! This one was big, at 24" x 24", and I added a zipper and extra touches like thrifted eyelet trim and tag, so that counts, right?  The back is solid pink, which makes me happy. (Heidi, the pink is for you.  Now there is a touch more pink in my house.)  The grey tag is a tiny scrap stowaway from my Seattle weekend

the only pillow I made for erin's challenge

Maybe it counts that I recently made two polka dotted zippered pillows for this same couch not too long ago?  That would put me at 3, which is totally not slackerish!  Right?   Right.  Ok.  I feel better.  And that's not just the painkillers talking!

holidays creeping in

I was loving the light and warmth in my living room this morning, which was the whole reason I got out my camera.  I jumped up and took a photo.  I didn't straighten any pillows or move the dogtoys or overturned laundry-basket-come-side-table out of the way.  This is just the way it was and it felt cozy. 

(I am so glad that I set about putting up a few house decs last weekend, too, as this weekend I was out of commission and I will be out of town for the next two.  All that is left are the trees -- one big and one little -- and that seems doable at this point.)

Many wishes to you for a special sunny and warm Sunday afternoon. 
miss chris


Aunt Fashionista

Oohh! I love that big pillow you made! I made a couple for Matt's couch a few weeks ago, but I don't think I put quite enough stuffing in them....I totally did not take in account that they would be actually used and not just looked at! Guess I may need to open them back up.


it's beautiful fawb. all of it. even the silence that comes over a wisdom tooth removal. xo

Sarah :: greenclogs

That pillow is full of awesome. I'm going to try and finish my two pillows today - life kicked my booty this week. Glad you got those teeth out and recovered quickly!

Lindsay Jewell

It DOES look cozy! I love the pillow. :)


i am loving that afghan! quite inspiring!

*** miss chris ***

Thank you so much, everyone! The pillow is growing on me. She was a bit too much blue and pink at first, but she is settling in nicely with the other pillows and getting along well. I think I keep her right in this sunny spot.



Mind?? Not. even. close. I can't wait to get the decor on the walls, just to add your beautiful and creative garland!!


That is a great pillow and it certainly deserves extra points. Your living room is making me quite jealous with that lovely light. Hope you heal quickly!


Love the pillow (s). :o) I'm looking at your picture of your cozy living room and thinking that mine needs some polka dots.

chris carleton

Thanks, Nikko!! I wasnt sure about the polka dots at first and I love them. xo


I'm making a patchwork afghan too! =)

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