{ waiting } mini boden challenge still going!
{ thrifted + modified } The Pile and The Boots

{ sewing } boden challenge dress 2

Without further ado, let's talk about my second dress challenge.  It was based on this one from mini boden:


Warm, heavy fabric, jaunty zippers, bold color, simple cut. 

Okay, I get that.

mini boden challenge, dress 2

Simplicity 2484 seemed like a good fit.

mini boden challenge, dress 2

It is perfect for ukelele practice.

mini boden challenge, dress 2

Or world discovery.

mini boden challenge, dress 2

It even has places to put your stuff.

mini boden challenge, dress 2

Aside from wrapping my head around the zipper placement  (which wasn't nearly as tricky as I thought it would be), this little dress is pretty simple.  I have a a strong track record of attaching my seam binding to the wrong side of arm holes and this one is no exception.  I went ahead and left it there for contrast.  It works.  I might actually even like it better that way.

Pattern, bought on sale for .99
Fabric, bought on sale for $7
Zipper, thrifted, .25
Time: about 1.5 hrs

Boden dress: $54 (w/tax + shipping)
The PPF Challenge dress: $8.24

And mama does the happy dance.   Woohoo!

(I also kind of want one in my size.)




I just tried to click "Like" on the phrase "I also kind of want one in my size."

chris carleton



When you make it in your size, make one for me,too, pleeeeaaase?!


Love. <3

Michelle P

Love it!

Ladona Blanchard

Your girls are so lucky to get to wear all of this cute stuff!!

Sarah :: greenclogs

You know how much I love this, right? I tried to post earlier and my intertubes were down, so I may comment twice. I'm okay with that because I love it that much.

chris carleton

Ha!  Sarah, you crack me up.   Get your intertubes straight, already!

The next project is way easy, but Im just as excited...


Miss Chris for the WIN!


you nailed it! so very cool...all the way around!

UK lass in US

I love that. And I'm kicking myself for passing by that fabric and not buying some because I was being good...


Great job! (I'll take one, too!) ;o)

Michelle Whitley

You are AMAZING....ALWAYS!!! Great job!!

Dalai Lina

I'll take two. And the boots.


Great job Chris! I finished my school days jacket... inspired by your mini Boden challenge! Unfortunately, my stubborn little wouldn't wear it so I have yet to get pics...

Pat Sieler

That dress is very cute and the seam binding does work. What a pretty and sweet child she is.


That's so funny about the bias tape. I do that all the time! Very cute dress. That pattern is now on my list.

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