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October 2010

{ bottle it } if I could

That beachy feeling.


The way the sun sparkles on the water and warms the sand.

honeymoon island 2010

The thrill of racing waves.

honeymoon island 2010

The weathered textures and endless sky.

honeymoon island 2010

The need to explore.

honeymoon island 2010

The promise of special treasure.

honeymoon island 2010

The joy of being.

Wishing you a bottle-worthy moment today!


{ booo! }

If you come here for The Pretty, I will have to apologize for the following post.

It is not pretty.

Magic Kingdom, Halloween Style

It is quite scary.

Florida OCT 2010 222

In a Magic Kingdom Parade kind of way.

Headless Horseman leads the parade

The Headless Horseman led the parade. That was kind of spooky.
The ten year old girl in me got the goosebumps.

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Parade

Evil Queen.  Meanie.

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Parade

The dancing ghosts were even creepier when I realized that my camera captured them this way.  I went on the Haunted Mansion ride that night with the 14 year old.  She was freaked out of her mind. Scarred for life, she said.  Poor little lamb.

(Check out the decorations in the windows on Main Street. Now I think I need orange bunting.  And I don't even have a front porch.)

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Parade

Grave diggers.  Dig it.

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Parade

Pirates pretty much rock. 

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Parade


Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Parade

And so did this band.

We were so lucky to be visiting the park during Halloween celebrations.  It's not often that you get to see Cinderella's Castle like this:

Cinderella's Castle

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Parade

Oops.  Some pretty snuck in anyway.

miss chris

(If you don't mind, I'm going to continue sharing some trip photos over the next several days.  I was lazy and only brought along my little silver auto-camera, so some of the photos are better than others. But you'll forgive me, right?  Thanks.  You're a peach.)

{ enjoying } autumn

an especially pretty zinnia

Things are turning cooler in these parts.  I am always ready and waiting for this to happen.  October is one of the most beautiful months in Missouri, bringing with it crisp mornings and warmish afternoons.  The skies turn a brilliant turquoise blue and color starts coming back to the landscape.

flowers at the patch

Lawns that had turned brown by the end of summer are renewed with fresh seed, rain and growth.  Trees are waking up with yellows, oranges and greens, and mums are popping up all over.


Just yesterday I could smell that somewhere close, someone was a burning a pile of leaves or some wood in the fireplace (necessary, in these parts, if you want to get rid of some wayward mud daubers that have taken refuge in your fireplace chimney, I have recently learned...)  Pumpkin is working its way back into my baking plans...

pretty little thing, making eyes at me

Last weekend, we went to the local farm to pick the equivalent of our kiddos' comined weight in pumpkins.  And watch pig races.  And stare back at the pretty horses.  Hello, beautiful. 


pumpkin patch 2010

pumpkin patch 2010

I think these two pumpkins weigh the same.

pumpkin patch 2010

There are fields of cutting flowers at the farm as well.  If you, ahem, remember your shears, you can take them home for $1/dozen.  That's my kind of farm.  I think I like the flowers as much as the pumpkins.  (I think Fidget does, too. )


miss chris

{ hello hello? } coming out of the fog

It's been a slow moving couple of days around here.  My body revolted against the 100mph average I had set over the past few weeks and reminded me to take it slow.

Very well then.

weekend crochet spot

The little girls already had plans to visit with grandparents over the weekend, so I tucked in with some home remedies... and am happy to report that as of Sunday afternoon, I am feeling quite myself again.

My regimen?

  • Rest
  • Echinacea Elder tea
  • 2 tsp a.c. vinegar + honey + 1/3 cup hot water (thank you, Amanda!)
  • Rest
  • Airborne tablets
  • Vitamin D
  • Rest
  • Neti pot
  • Crochet
  • movies (this and this and this)
  • Rest

And the crochet is actually happening!!  I highly suspect this may be an afghan of the utmost wonky kind, but it will be done.  It will be done! 


{ blushing } thank you!

Well, gosh.  I'm so glad you like it, too!  I've been blushing with every sweet comment. 


Also pink?  This jewelry box thrifted today for just 1.98 at a local DAV Thrift.  My sister has been in town and we ran out for a morning of hoity-toity shopping.  Nothing says welcome-to-my-home better than, hello, would you care to go run about town and sift through people's discarded belongings, does it? 

No matter, sis is a thrifter as well.  We bond over dusty trinkets and practically new cashmere sweaters that might or might not get turned into cardigans.  

To quote Fidget at the children's farm yesterday, 'Well, anyway, it has been a wonderful day.'

Indeed it has.


{ sewing } mini challenge: winter coat

Fidget's Wanderings Coat (which is not like anything in the mini boden catalog, but I am still counting for the challenge) is complete!

the wanderings coat

After rediscovering this sweet pattern in my studio, I decided to go in the Princess Coat direction.  I also knew, immediately, that I wanted it in peacock blue wool.  And orchid pink inside...

wanderings coat

perfect for princessing about the grounds.

wanderings coat

I found some yummy faux fur online, hand sewed it into a loop and attached it by hand to the hood so I can machine wash the rest of it when needed.  The pattern showed fur at the cuffs as well, but I thought it was too much for this version.  I like the pink peeking out of the sleeves, anyway.

wanderings coat

As for buttons... There were so many options!  Toggle or regular?  Colored, wooden or metal?  I felt like there were a hundred tiny decisions to make and, really, any of them would have looked fine.  In the end, I went with an antiqued pewter.  (I did start to fear it was looking a little civil-war-esque, and maybe it does, but whatever!)

wanderings coat

The buckle is vintage and shipped from England.  So very appropriate for this coat, don't you think? It showed up black and antique gold, but I added some craft paint so it would match the buttons.  I had no idea how difficult it was to find belt buckles.  Joann's did not carry them and so many of my online sources carried boring stock!  Thank goodness for etsy

I love how the back of this coat is gathered.  It is even pretty from behind.

wanderings coat

Once I was mentally prepared to tackle buttonholes, I discovered that my machine did not, in fact, want to make them either.  Too many layers or something... So I hand finished each buttonhole with a super tight blanket stitch around and around and around.  I had basted the layers together at first and then liked the look so much that I went ahead and made them permanent. 

wanderings coat

This ended up being a nice little exercise, really.  Much less stressful than setting the machine loose on my precious garment and watching in terror, as it happened, through parted fingers. (Although it did add about 4 hours on the project.  Ahem.)

The inside was delicious fun. The pattern calls for secret pockets and embellishments, so I gave her plenty.  This little circle will get her name embroidered this week:

wanderings coat

There are two little pockets -- one with a button, and one open -- on her left panel. The pockets are lined too.

wanderings coat

The right side has a zippered pocket for extra safe keeping.  She has her Found Jewels in there already.

wanderings coat

By golly, she likes it!  She really really likes it!

wanderings coat

As any princess should.


{ thrifting } making me smile

whose face is happy?

Mine.  (FP desk, all pieces, $2)


(preschool-sized chair, 75 cents)

I have had wonderful luck garage sale-ing and thrifting lately.


(3 yds designer bambook print home dec fabric, $2.50)

Terribly good luck.

I even rescued this pony.


Who has a liking for vintage fabrics and linens as much as I do.


Her name is Pearl.


She likes these two very much.  It was hard to get her to step away.


I do believe Pearl quite fancies the camera, as well.

Silly filly.

{ more photos } missing seattle

I am still rather obsessing about my little trip to Seattle.  When I am not badgering my husband about how wonderful it would be to up and move there, I am quietly reviewing the odd photos that crept in that weren't of the crafty persuasion.


Like our little meetup at The Hopvine Pub for a taste of local brews before we settled in.  Ridiculously good hummus.  And an artichoke dip?  Both yum yum good.  I might have licked the bowl.   Or maybe that was Jade.  I can't remember.

The moss.  I need more moss on my life.   And cobblestones. 

Jade, Beki and I stayed an extra day so that we could soak up a little of the area before heading back to Texas, Louisiana and Missouri.  We booked a hotel downtown and had another dearie -- Eva -- introduce us to the Fremont District before she drove home to Vancouver. (Eva owns a store called the Barefoot Contessa, and I am very very very sorry that I cannot shop there.  That is all.)


I got to ride shotgun.

It was a bit like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride meets European Vacation (Big Ben! Parliament!)

I'm serious.  See the Space Needle?

We started in the Fremont District and ate a crazy amount of delicious Thai food.

Then we traipsed about, popping into shops here and there. 

in front of a little shop in Fremont.
We shopped at charming boutiques.  One after another. (What is the name of this place???  I cannot remember and I loved every inch of it.  From the gorgeous front door to the shoes.  Oh, the shoes.)

peace + deluxe junk = <3

And this one held a few small packable treasures for us.  Plus, you must stand next to the giant french fry and pose with a stop sign. You must.

We did. 

But some things are better left to your imagaination.

After getting a bit turned around and walking back the right way (...and passing a Chocolate Factory.  For Real.  For a whole block we smelled nothing but chocolate.  That might have been when the Seattle love went over the top for me, I'm not sure) we happened upon a crazy labyrinth of vintage goodies.

And that is where I found my new to me, Frye Campus Boots, size 6. On the cheap.  There will be another post.  All about this particular event.  It is deserving.  I need to hire a choir of angels for sound effects.


We met Sarah (who lives in AZ, but was also visiting) on a bus and hopped over to Wallingford, which is adorable. And we saw firsthand the eye candy that is Fabric Crush, located in the old Kindergarten classroom of an old school building. Yes, very cool.



Pretty.  And this silly camera photo doesn't do it justice. 

We also stopped for nourishment at at Trophy Cupcakes.  Fidget was thrilled that I kept my little ballerina and brought her home with me.

cupcake treat

Eventually we did make it back to downtown.  We saw no fish thrown.  However, we did venture out later that night and for some local fare.


And on Tuesday, when we said our teary goodbyes at the airport, we finally each had Starbucks.


We almost forgot to do that.  So busy having fun.

{ re-entry } after the dottie angel workshop

... and just like that I am back.  A weekend with dearies and doilies and jaw-dropping vintage goodness from all over the world is over.

jessies bag
(sweet jessie's pretty suitcase of goodies)


It was perfect.  Peachy perfect, per dottie angel.

Setting_up(setting up for the apron shoot)

Words fall so short.


dottie weekend 136
(the moore mansion, where we worked.  it was a bit Beast's Castle)

We were friends and left sisters.


We pushed ourselves with time and space and supplies and tools.  (I had carried on my sewing machine, now named Miss Kendra.  She was quite useful and threw very few fits.  Pfew.  It would have been terribly embarressing if she had been tempermental that weekend.  She has, it seems, aged gracefully.)

Tif-chat(tif instructs, next to mr doily head)

We stepped out of our comfort zones.

Dottie weekend 008(happy garlands)

Scratch that.

trees2(garlands at volunteer park)

We leapt out of our comfort zones.

Slip-1(crappity crap camera phone photo)

I sashayed about Seattle's Capitol Hill in a custom slip, for crying out loud!

Dottie weekend 116

Heavens to Betsy, it was freeing.

Fairy hole (look!  a fairy hole!  I swear.)

I loved every minute.

chris(photo: beki :: artsy crafty babe)

Thank you, angela, for organizing this fantasy weekend in a fairytale place.  You inspire me to follow my dreams.


Thank you, mary, for being your sweet helpful self.  You have a grand + bright life ahead of you.   Angela is so lucky to have you assist in all things!


Thank you, tif, for bringing dottie angel to life and letting us into her special world.  You are a sparkly gem of a person.  Quirky and witty and sweet.  I wish I could keep you in my pocket.

And to the rest of the dearies... what an incredible treat it was to meet and visit with you all!  To have such instant connections with others!  Those meals 'round the table draped with Angela's lovely cloth-of-cloths were just as special as the making and doing and seeing. 

Finally, for Jade and Beki... my comrades in travel and adventure, there are no words.  You girls so get it.  xo


miss chris dearie(tif's photo of me channeling my inner dottie angel.)

More photos here in the dottie angel workshop group on flickr. They are worth a look as I left my big camera at home and failed to take many pictures with my little one. 

treed path

However, a word of caution.

You will both want to attack something with a doily and visit Seattle, stat.

Happy Weekending, all!


miss chris