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{ sewing } mini challenge: winter coat

{ thrifting } making me smile

whose face is happy?

Mine.  (FP desk, all pieces, $2)


(preschool-sized chair, 75 cents)

I have had wonderful luck garage sale-ing and thrifting lately.


(3 yds designer bambook print home dec fabric, $2.50)

Terribly good luck.

I even rescued this pony.


Who has a liking for vintage fabrics and linens as much as I do.


Her name is Pearl.


She likes these two very much.  It was hard to get her to step away.


I do believe Pearl quite fancies the camera, as well.

Silly filly.



Ack! That FP desk! We had that! I wonder if it's still at my mom's place? And 75 cents for the chair? That is a steal. It would have been 10 bucks at a thrift store here.

Sarah :: greenclogs


can you come here and go thrifting with me? I don't even know where to start.


I can hear you saying 'Silly Filly' and it makes me giggle. :)


so now you are lucky and HILARIOUS? it's just not fair! xoxo


A haiku inspired by this post:

Me. Green with envy.
Your thrifting is so lovely
I want good junk too.



That's some serious thrifting, and super great finds! Love the fabric and sheets!!


The first pic made me smile! I so remember playing with that!


Oh, my gosh, that's some serious good luck! I want that FP desk and that chair!! And those fabrics! Wow.


you ARE lucky!


those linens! i'm green with envy!!

Miss Sews-it-all

The Thrifting force is strong with you! Wonderful finds, I am so jelous!

Janelle in MT

that fp desk/chalk/magnet letter toy...i had one of those & have been wanting to find one. i have some of the best childhood memories w/ that toy...hands down my favorite! i also had a desk that went w/ the chair in your photo! how i long for all 3 :)


That Fisher Price toy is fantastic! We had one like that too when I was growing up... you have had some great finds!


all very good! i have a thing for chairs. yours is super cool. i'm going today. shhh. don't tell the hubs. :)


nice! what a great bunch of goodies!


I totally had that FP desk, but I think we either lost the cards or they were ruined. I'm sure it was run off from my brother because I never knew what to do with the thing and the letters were on the fridge. Thanks for the flashback!


heavens to Betsy, woman! Nevermind all the stuff I got rid of during our move (and how much I still have TO move) - I need to say to heck with it all and have a thifting day with you. Maybe early November?


Oh!! I used to play with that fisher price tow when I was little, I loved it!!! :)


oh, that desk almost made me cry!! what i would do to still have mine.

i don't think i've ever commented before, but i really enjoy your blog!

Dalai Lina

I love them all! Can't wait to see what you are going to do with them!


your thrifting made me smile, too. you took me back with that fisher price toy. how fun!

Wendy Lyons

Love the FP desk. I actually found one brand new in a box at the Goodwill for Gracie when she was younger but we got rid of it, kids have way too many toys. Bummer that hubs isn't a keeper. It is quite fun!

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