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{ re-entry } after the dottie angel workshop

... and just like that I am back.  A weekend with dearies and doilies and jaw-dropping vintage goodness from all over the world is over.

jessies bag
(sweet jessie's pretty suitcase of goodies)


It was perfect.  Peachy perfect, per dottie angel.

Setting_up(setting up for the apron shoot)

Words fall so short.


dottie weekend 136
(the moore mansion, where we worked.  it was a bit Beast's Castle)

We were friends and left sisters.


We pushed ourselves with time and space and supplies and tools.  (I had carried on my sewing machine, now named Miss Kendra.  She was quite useful and threw very few fits.  Pfew.  It would have been terribly embarressing if she had been tempermental that weekend.  She has, it seems, aged gracefully.)

Tif-chat(tif instructs, next to mr doily head)

We stepped out of our comfort zones.

Dottie weekend 008(happy garlands)

Scratch that.

trees2(garlands at volunteer park)

We leapt out of our comfort zones.

Slip-1(crappity crap camera phone photo)

I sashayed about Seattle's Capitol Hill in a custom slip, for crying out loud!

Dottie weekend 116

Heavens to Betsy, it was freeing.

Fairy hole (look!  a fairy hole!  I swear.)

I loved every minute.

chris(photo: beki :: artsy crafty babe)

Thank you, angela, for organizing this fantasy weekend in a fairytale place.  You inspire me to follow my dreams.


Thank you, mary, for being your sweet helpful self.  You have a grand + bright life ahead of you.   Angela is so lucky to have you assist in all things!


Thank you, tif, for bringing dottie angel to life and letting us into her special world.  You are a sparkly gem of a person.  Quirky and witty and sweet.  I wish I could keep you in my pocket.

And to the rest of the dearies... what an incredible treat it was to meet and visit with you all!  To have such instant connections with others!  Those meals 'round the table draped with Angela's lovely cloth-of-cloths were just as special as the making and doing and seeing. 

Finally, for Jade and Beki... my comrades in travel and adventure, there are no words.  You girls so get it.  xo


miss chris dearie(tif's photo of me channeling my inner dottie angel.)

More photos here in the dottie angel workshop group on flickr. They are worth a look as I left my big camera at home and failed to take many pictures with my little one. 

treed path

However, a word of caution.

You will both want to attack something with a doily and visit Seattle, stat.

Happy Weekending, all!


miss chris


Sarah :: greenclogs

It was so good to see you! I'm sorry that I wasn't an official part of the weekend, but I had fun cruising around Wallingford with you! xoxo


What a lovely tribute to your dreamy weekend :-) Thanks so much for sharing!


What gorgeous captures. I'm so glad you had a great time. Your post makes me homesick for my hometown!


oh, i can imagine that you girls had the best of best times!


there are no words. sigh. love you.


i am now sniff sniffing into my afternoon tea... this time last week we were sweating like we have never sweated before, in the best possible way to sweat. gosh how i miss my dearies and their perfectly perfect doilifying ways!

Erika Sews-it-all



looks and sounds like you and everyone had a great time. i so wish i could have gone. i love dottie angel!


Nothing could've been more perfect. To think I *did* lug my big fancy camera around and you still got better pics than me!


I wanna go back!

Alicia A.

It looks like an amazing trip, you lucky lady. I'm glad you had such a great time!

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