{ blushing } thank you!
{ enjoying } autumn

{ hello hello? } coming out of the fog

It's been a slow moving couple of days around here.  My body revolted against the 100mph average I had set over the past few weeks and reminded me to take it slow.

Very well then.

weekend crochet spot

The little girls already had plans to visit with grandparents over the weekend, so I tucked in with some home remedies... and am happy to report that as of Sunday afternoon, I am feeling quite myself again.

My regimen?

  • Rest
  • Echinacea Elder tea
  • 2 tsp a.c. vinegar + honey + 1/3 cup hot water (thank you, Amanda!)
  • Rest
  • Airborne tablets
  • Vitamin D
  • Rest
  • Neti pot
  • Crochet
  • movies (this and this and this)
  • Rest

And the crochet is actually happening!!  I highly suspect this may be an afghan of the utmost wonky kind, but it will be done.  It will be done! 




I hate to say it, but it almost sounds like a perfect weekend. Your blanket looks great!


Glad you're feeling better!! Looks like a good regimen to me!
And the afghan is lovely! It will be just as cozy if its a little wonky :-) gives it character I always say! haha


Beautiful photo! Makes me want to settle down on the couch with some crochet, too. Too bad I have to go to work tomorrow!

UK lass in US

If I thought that I would be allowed to settle down in front of a movie and crochet, I'd be tempted to fake a cold for a weekend like that. I always seem to get ill on the days that my husband's working 12 hour plus shifts, though and there's no grandparents nearby...


I just love the yarn colours, just beautiful! I can make a chain, but can't figure out how to join it all together in a pattern. My knitting is fairily plain, it would be nice to learn a cable or something. Do you knit too?


I managed some crochet over the weekend as well... should have been working on halloween costumes. I haven't seen any of those movies. Were they good?


Look at your progress! xo

chris carleton

I enjoyed 'The Last Station' (beautiful cinematography) and 'Me and Orson Wells' (Zac Efron being quite adorable) very much! If you're into those kind of period flicks, you will enjoy the performances. 'The Ghost Writer' was a bit slow for the Mr, but the story was engaging.


I think that sounds like a lovely weekend. Except the sick part. ;)

Dalai Lina

Darn, have you been sick?


glad you are feeling better. yay for grandparents!!!


Sounds like a perfect weekend to me. I hope you finish the afgan; it looks beautiful and I would love to see the finished one!

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