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an especially pretty zinnia

Things are turning cooler in these parts.  I am always ready and waiting for this to happen.  October is one of the most beautiful months in Missouri, bringing with it crisp mornings and warmish afternoons.  The skies turn a brilliant turquoise blue and color starts coming back to the landscape.

flowers at the patch

Lawns that had turned brown by the end of summer are renewed with fresh seed, rain and growth.  Trees are waking up with yellows, oranges and greens, and mums are popping up all over.


Just yesterday I could smell that somewhere close, someone was a burning a pile of leaves or some wood in the fireplace (necessary, in these parts, if you want to get rid of some wayward mud daubers that have taken refuge in your fireplace chimney, I have recently learned...)  Pumpkin is working its way back into my baking plans...

pretty little thing, making eyes at me

Last weekend, we went to the local farm to pick the equivalent of our kiddos' comined weight in pumpkins.  And watch pig races.  And stare back at the pretty horses.  Hello, beautiful. 


pumpkin patch 2010

pumpkin patch 2010

I think these two pumpkins weigh the same.

pumpkin patch 2010

There are fields of cutting flowers at the farm as well.  If you, ahem, remember your shears, you can take them home for $1/dozen.  That's my kind of farm.  I think I like the flowers as much as the pumpkins.  (I think Fidget does, too. )


miss chris



I had to google muddobber to find out what one was. Consider me educated!


Beautiful photos! We are still waiting for Autumn to arrive here in North Carolina.


I really liked this post! Hope all is well with you and your family.


That is some mighty fine enjoying.

This is my favorite month of them all.

The photo of the mums is my favorite!!

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