{ sewing } mini challenge: winter coat
{ hello hello? } coming out of the fog

{ blushing } thank you!

Well, gosh.  I'm so glad you like it, too!  I've been blushing with every sweet comment. 


Also pink?  This jewelry box thrifted today for just 1.98 at a local DAV Thrift.  My sister has been in town and we ran out for a morning of hoity-toity shopping.  Nothing says welcome-to-my-home better than, hello, would you care to go run about town and sift through people's discarded belongings, does it? 

No matter, sis is a thrifter as well.  We bond over dusty trinkets and practically new cashmere sweaters that might or might not get turned into cardigans.  

To quote Fidget at the children's farm yesterday, 'Well, anyway, it has been a wonderful day.'

Indeed it has.



Aunt Fashionista

Thanks for the fun sis!

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