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Thank you so much for the sweet comments left about Rory's baby quilt.  It was a joy to make and design, but a girl still has self doubt.  I do. I don't often blog about blogging... it's a bit to meta for me, but I do think about it all the time.  The tiny impact that little comments and encouragement leave on a person. Or negativity for that matter. It's so much more than virtual.  I know you know what I'm talking about, so I'll get on with things.  In short, thanks.  It means a lot.  xo

Jade called me out (on FB) when she said the Rory quilt was Dottie Angel-ish.  I do have her aesthetic on the brain, as we are getting ready for our weekend retreat on the 24th. (With Beki too!  Look out, Seattle.  You have no idea what havoc awaits.)

Amassing the supplies has been terribly fun. So far they have all been found thrifting.  This is my stash of trims and binding and hem tape. 

supplies! for dottie angel wkshp

There is talk about refashioning a slip and making all sorts of lovely things from a variety of scraps and grannyish doohickies we were told to bring along.  I'm quite sure everyone in my day to day life who has heard me rambling on about this is hoping they don't end up with some stranger's upcycled undergarments for Christmas this year.

supplies! for dottie angel wkshp

I have had very good luck finding the doilies and trimmings. Pillowcases and whatnots.

supplies! for dottie angel wkshp

The stool, not so much.  I thought I could fashion one myself.  One with removable legs that I could fit into a suitcase.  There is still time.  It will involve power tools.  Hubs doesn't like it so much when that happens.  I'm clumsy.  I don't have to bring one, but I love a challenge. 

There still are two weeks, after all.

supplies! for dottie angel wkshp

Until then, I have some crochet videos to watch. Apparently the needles have not yet seen the last of my lame attempts at blanket-making. Need I remind you what happened last time? The giant ruffle that would. not. stop. Miss Dottie Angel has her work cut out for her.

miss chris



you're having much better luck than i!!


gosh! just seeing all the lovelies you have collected has me so excited for our weekend!
two weeks today and we will be there...
and the quilt you made is beautiful! i will have to pick your brains on it. i've been dabbling in little lappity lap quilts. i see them in my head, but alas my hands will not create what i am seeing, so far i have made 3 and i am still not happy. we need to talk quilts, we must we must!!
have a fabby weekend my dear :)


Lovely supplies! I can't wait to see what all you're going to make with them. And looking forward to seeing what you come up with for your stool!

chris carleton

Tif, I have to admit I got all flustered and flattered that you would comment on my little old silly blog. 

Thank you so very much for your kind words about the quilt.  I am quite sure that your three are gorgeous and beautiful and perfect in the Dottie Angel way and could not be improved upon. The person you need to talk quilts with is Ms. Beki herself.  Oh my.  That lady is one talented chickadee!  I so look forward to visiting with you and making friends with everyone.   Waiting is hard, my little Fidget tells me.  She is so right.

Until soon-
miss chris

Wendy Lyons

Love reading about your sewing adventures. I am going to mail some doilies to you. I believe they are placemats and there are 4 of them. I think we got them for a wedding gift. It doesn't match our decor anymore and I know you will put them to good use. Let me know if you don't want them.

chris carleton

Thanks, sweets.  Of course Ill take the placemats!   Youre a dolly.  xoxo

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