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Did you think I had forgotten?

so close. but I'm all coated out tonight.

Because I so have not.

I have, however, gotten all up-to-my-ears in this coat for Fidget.  As I was waiting for the Duffle Coat pattern from Oliver + S to arrive, it occurred to me that I had never used the Wanderings Coat pattern that I bought two years ago from Sugar City. 

While I am very impatient, it seems I also procrastinate.  Ha ha!  I'm so complex. 

At any rate, Fidget's new Wanderings Coat is very close to completion (and I kind of want one for myself).  It is taking longer than the usual one or two-day project, so if it weren't so yummy and delicious I would have put it down a while ago.  My goal is to finish it this week.  

So, no.  I don't have anything new to show you.


I am thrilled that a few of you have posted some of your own back to school wardrobe knock-offs in the Mini Boden Challenge Flickr Group!  Woohoo!

 Emily is busy making adorable pants for her handsome crew:



Jill tackled ruffles (love!) and took them on overdrive with this sweet swingy tunic:



mcholley1 made her own little elephant jumper (with vintage denim, to boot!):


What clever, creative mamas you are! 

[ Got a knock-off up your sleeve?  Doesn't have to have mini-boden, my friend.  Anything!  If you said, heck, I could *make* something like that, and did, join in in the fun.  Make sure you link to the original, and I'd love to showcase them here! ]

Have a happy and productive week~

(oh and thanks for the sweet comments on the nursery!  It might be my favorite room of the house.)

miss chris



I, too, am an impatient procrastinator. I think it's because there are just soo many options; sometimes they overwhelm & sometimes they inspire. And some days, the kids just won't let us do anything crafty. If this goes on long enough - we just forget what it was we were planning to do & so the pattern sits.....
I made a mini boden, but (gasp) have no clue how to add a photo to flickr. http://beforeandafterdesigns.blogspot.com/2010/09/my-very-own-mini-boden.html if you'd like to see it

chris carleton

I posted them for you via my account, Tracy:

Thanks for sharing.  :)
(you can sign up at Flickr for free for up to 200 photos and share them in other groups, too!)
miss chris


Cute! I have my adult Boden items flagged that I want to make this Fall. All the velvet is making my heart pitter patter! I will be sure to put those in the flicker group when I make them. :)


Thanks for helping us all share our knock-off creations! My little guy thinks he's famous, seeing his picture up there! :)


Yay! So glad you're still doing this... I just got my Oliver & S pattern yesterday for the jacket obsession that you started... LOL! Wanna sew along?

chris carleton

@ Rhonda:    I just got mine today!  I do need to pick up the fabric-- what are you going to use?


Chris...how are you? I am excited to see the wanderings coat! What is too funny is that I'm finally getting around to making Nissa one of the dresses from a Sugarcity pattern I bought years ago too. At least she makes the cut off age of six...lol! Hope you are doing well :)

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