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blanket for ella

As if a mile-high stack of clothing projects in the sewing room, kitchen makeover planning, that etsy shop that keeps staring with sad doggy eyes, and a new workout regime weren't already fighting for every spare minute of my time... I keep finding little projects here and there and adding them to my list.


This tiny little play house at house wren studio

Alicia's wrist cuff tutorial

Dyeing trim and what not a la Beki

Crochet a flowered baby beanie cap once I have figured out how to crochet.

The Japanese coin purse at Purl Bee

the nursery is red and black and white

And I have been terrible about reading up on everything these days, so I'm sure there are more fun projects out there.  What are you wanting to try???


Photos are of a baby blanket made for Fidget's former teacher, Miss Andrea.  Fidge was so excited to attend her very first baby shower.  

Like the blanket that Jade made for Wonderbaby, this one is backed with a fuzzy minky fabric, turned inside out and topstitched around the edge for closure.  There must be something to it, because WB kept wanting to snuggle it, too.

Happy Weekending! xoxo



1. That blanket is precious.
2. I also have hat ambitions after figuring out how to crochet.
3. Working out is totally overrated. Do fun projects instead! :)

chris carleton

1. Thank you!
2. Ill try it if you do.
3. Heavens, I know.  But it is feeling good, darn it all.  :)


You make the most beautiful blankets! I'm inspired to try one myself.


so glad that wonderbaby still loves the blanket! :)


precious! I've been trying to come up with something quick to make my neighbor who just had a baby boy the other day, I think this may be the ticket!

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