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15 months ago I had a baby.  Since we didn't know for certain (although Hubs 100% suspected) that our newest little bundle would be yet another girl, the nursery sat unadorned for many months.  

Many months.

And then I started picking away at it. 

Knowing that by the time it was complete, she would be quite past the new-baby stage (sigh.  Do not let me go There.), I didn't want to incorporate anything that we would have to switch out again for a few years.

Also, there was the color palette. Deep Red.  Aqua.  Bright yellow.  Pink.  An overscaled Heather Bailey Pineapple Brocade!  I could even do it from my stash, as there was serious yardage left over from a project for the teengirl that took a u-turn long ago. 


Honestly, when I shared this with others, there was often a courteous smile and nod. I am positive they thought I was creating some kind of circus-like nightmare. Giant pineapples in a baby's room. Heavens to Betsy!


Neveryoumind.  I knew what I was doing and marched on, albeit with some trepidation.


There is a mini down comforter for which I made a duvet.  Wonderbaby likes her blankets and coziness.  The bedding is simple.  I made a pink bedskirt and added coordinating ties to a simple pink yard-sale bumper.  The framed crewel piece is one of my favorite finds from a local thrift.  I've had it for years and it works perfectly in here.


The window faces east, so it is lit up with the most gorgeous sunshine in the morning.  Makes getting decent photos a bit tricky for some reason... seems like there is either a lot of light in there, or not.  At any rate, The exposure meant that the floor length curtains needed a heavy duty lining.  I tried pleating the curtains for the first time, and they are quite far from perfect, but I like how it reduced bulk at the rod.  And it gives a playful print a more tailored look.


The dresser was picked up for $25 and given a new life with paint.  I love love love this color.  It's not too bubble gum or cadillac.  The hardware is original.  I know, it was perfect.   I say it all the time, but  they just don't make furniture like this anymore. They don't.  It is so solid!  (Do you like the finger smudges on the mirror?!  Good.  I'm just keeping it real. )

crib corner and wall art

There are plenty of blankets that get moved around and used all over.  One is a gorgeous quilt made by Beki, another is a red baby blanket from miss laeroport, one was picked up in the nie-nie auction in 2008, and a couple others are vintage finds that I had to rescue.  They take turns in the crib and out and sometimes covering up with white rocker that has seen years of constant use.  Jade made us one as well, but babygirl has adopted that as her snuggly favorite and it is never around for a photoshoot. 


My favorite corner of the room is this, which is directly in front of you when you are walking up the stairs. The print is from Elsie, and I picked it up at the Red Velvet Art brick and mortar store when home in Springfield last year.  The red shoes are from Jen.  I made the green dress in a last minute mad dash for St. Patty's wear.  The deer was picked up antiquing with my mom in Florida two years ago.


I still love embroidery.  The simple stuff especially.  I'm breaking tradition and by putting it up there, but I really like how her name became art so easily. 


My mother in law made a cross stitch birth announcement for the wall, and it hangs by my rocker with this felt circle garland (from the Craft Hope for Haiti fundraiser) that I love but for which I can't seem to find a home.  That moves around the room and sometimes comes downstairs for parties.  Lucky garland!

The nursery is not finished, of course.  What room ever is?  I have a vinyl cuckoo clock decal on it's way from Etsy to go over the mirror, and some day I would love to replace this carpet and/or get a pretty area rug.  But for now, it's all good. 


It's a happy little space and Wonderbaby wakes up cheery every day. 


Pat Sieler

This really is a wonderful baby room. Keep your photos because she will enjoy showing her grandchildren the beauty that her mother created just for her. Really spectacular!


Gorgeous room! My new baby's room is still in progress, despite his arrival 8 weeks ago!

Furniture Stores

Love the color theme. Beautiful...


It's beautiful! And really, it looks way more finished than any room in my house!!

Sarah :: greenclogs

It's adorable! As you know, my wonderbaby is getting her own room this weekend, so I'm glad you posted this for inspiration. And we have that print in Annika's room. It's her favorite.


I love everything in this room! That little dress is so darling just hanging there :)

The walls in my guest room are the same colour (it used to be my sewing room) and I told the hubs if we have a baby, regardless of gender, we're coordinating everything else to the wall colour because I love it so much.


It's all so cute and so, well, YOU. :o) My favorite part is all the A's on the wall. Great job!

Tanya B

What a lovely room! I'm in the midst of buying and collecting items to transform my daughter's nursery into a BIG girl room. Love that shade of pink on the dresser!!


Oh Chris, I just love this room! Will you come help with mine??? Every detail is just wonderful and proves that you can use blue for a girl. You just need to start with the right shade and work from there : )

Dalai Lina

I turned out adorable! Took you long enough...didn't i see the fabric 2 years ago???

chris carleton

@Dalai Lina:   Um, yes, probably!!!

But thank you.  To be fair, Ive had it 99% done for almost a year, but it took me almost that long to get the photos.  See, when mommy has a free minute, Wonderbaby has hung the Do Not Disturb sign.  Stinker.



So fun! I love the color scheme.

Alicia A.

It's fit for a magazine spread!

Wendy Lyons

I love this room! It's so beautiful. You should decorate full time. You are so creative!!


This is so, so, so gorgeous! I love every single little detail. Wow.


FABULOUS colors.
i love this room.


I am in love with this room. I heart the love put into decorating it and making it so special.

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